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Bhagyalaxmi upcoming turn: Rishi plans to break Malishka's engagement

Bhagyalaxmi upcoming turn:

Later on Bhagyalaxmi serial episodes, Rishi will decide to in any case prevent Malishka from getting connected with to Viraj.

As of not long ago in the Bhagyalaxmi story, Rishi goes to meet Malishka in the wake of deceiving Lakshmi that he has some work at the workplace.

Lakshmi and Ayush go to where they see Rishi taking cover behind a column.

Presently according to the serial tattles of Bhagyalaxmi, Malishka will advise Kiran that she is prepared to successfully get Rishi back.

Afterward, Kiran will demand Rishi to stop this commitment.

Rishi will let Ayush know that not really settled to not allow this commitment to come to fruition.

At the Roka service, Ayush will follow Rishi to see what he does to stop the commitment.

Further, Rishi will cause Malishka to understand that she'll lose the individual who adores her the most.

Rishi and Malishka will embrace one another, while Lakshmi will be looking for Rishi, as per the spoilers of Bhagyalaxmi.

Allow us to see whether Lakshmi sees Rishi and Malishka embracing, in the upcoming story of the Bhagyalaxmi serial.

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