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finest actor and filmmaker Sanjay Khan gave many successful films. Recently, Sanjay Khan celebrated his birthday on January 3. Sanjay Khan made his debut in Chetan Anand’s 1964 film Haqeeqat, followed by the Rajshri film Dosti which won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Hindi for that year. Sanjay Khan tied the knot with actress Zeenat Aman at Jaisalmer in 1978 and got separated in 1979.

Those days, Zeenat Aman used to be every man’s dream girl. She, who could have had any man of her choice, unfortunately, made a wrong decision, when it came to her life partner. Unlike her career, her personal life became a mess after her first marriage.

Many warned Zeenat before she was to get married to Sanjay. But, reportedly, she did not listen to anyone and decided to marry him. It is said that she defended him saying “I love this man. Don’t you understand? I will back his every move and I will make him a king one day.”

Sanjay and Zeenat fell in love with each other while they were shooting for their film, Abdullah. However, Sanjay was already married to Zarine Khan with three daughters and one son.

After marriage, things didn’t go as expected. Sanjay started thrashing his wife brutally. Zeenat was beaten so ruthlessly that she started bleeding. Things had gone from bad to worse.

Sanjay Khan summoned the actress in Mumbai, while she was shooting in Lonavala for some other project. He was furious and demanded Zeenat to leave everything at once and reshoot a portion of a song from their flick, Abdullah. But, Zeenat refused to do so, as she was busy with other work commitments. In response, Sanjay Khan accused her of being sexually involved with the makers of the film.

Sanjay was attending a party at Taj hotel. Zeenat reached there to meet Sanjay. Everyone at the party was surprised to see her. Sanjay asked Zeenat why she came to the party? Sanjay’s first wife Zarine Khan was also present there. Sanjay took Zeenat to the room and then beat up her mercilessly. It is said that Sanjay’s first wife Zarine also beat her.

All the guests knew what was happening, yet no one helped her. It was the steward who came to Zeenat’s rescue, who by now had blood and tears streaming down her face. Even as she required eight days of medical attention to recover from this beating, she did not report Sanjay to the police, as she was still in love with him.

Her doctor revealed to the publication, “This is not the first time this man has beaten her. Once before she was given a black eye and kicked in the ribs so hard that I insisted on an X-Ray for fear of a crack.”

Not just the love of her life, he was her husband. The two had wed in Jaisalmer in 1978, a marriage which lasted less than a year. Many had warned Zeenat but she defended him fiercely: “I love this man. Don’t you understand? I will back his every move and I will make him a king one day.”


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