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Actress Ileana D’Cruz recently uploaded a photo on her Instagram story about appreciating her physique as it is, without embellishments.

Her message struck a chord with many people because, even nowadays, women are continually told how to live, whether in terms of attitude or physiological freedom. Women are constantly scrutinized by civilization and made to feel insufficient. That their physical appearance isn’t excellent enough or up to the line with whatever the current format is.

That’s why we support women who look big and strong and are reluctant to be told they’re too big, small, or anything else for that topic. Among these ladies are some of our favorite Bollywood stars. They’ve mastered the art of accepting themselves. And we’re grateful that they’re communicating their knowledge with the rest of us.

Below we have listed some Bollywood women who have promoted body positivity:

1. Sameera Reddy

Sameera Reddy is a recently departed Indian film actor who appeared in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu films. Maine Dil Tujhko Diya, Reddy’s breakthrough movie, was released in 2002.
She recently discussed how she managed to deal with post-partum excess weight and psychiatric issues.

“You don’t need to explain your body appearance to anyone. Or give them a reason or excuse why you look a certain way. I’ve heard many times that I had a postpartum ‘excuse’ for weight gain. I disagree. Weight fluctuations can happen to anyone at any stage. I’ve gained weight many times before becoming a mother. It’s only now that I am fully aware of my patterns. I can mindfully stay on course to becoming healthy and fit: NOT SKINNY!”

2. Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra stressed the significance of fostering creativity according to one’s presentation and recognizing one’s body at all stages of life in an initial meeting. Our bodies change as we get older; this is perfectly acceptable and should be warmly welcomed! This is what Priyanka said when she was asked questions related to the topic.

“Well, I won’t lie that I don’t get affected by it. My body has changed as I’ve gotten older, just as everyone’s body does, and I’ve had to adapt mentally as well with like, OK, this is what it looks like now, this is what I look like now, it’s alright, and catering to my now body and not my 10 or 20-years-ago body…I just try to remind myself that I am loved and I feel good from the inside. I feel confident when I walk into a room and I try to remind myself that that has nothing to do with my body. Even though this culture gives credence to that, too much, maybe.”

3. Malaika Arora Khan

Malaika Arora Khan, was reportedly mocked for her lines and wrinkles. Was she unable to be her best self as a result of this? Not in the least. When she earned the ELLE Active Star Award in 2017, she had some comforting words to share with the rest of the world and that went like,

“Embrace your curves, your flaws, your cellulite and your stretch marks. And love yourself.”

4. Sushmita Sen

Sushmita Sen is still a role model for women all around the world. She’s never been afraid to be her true self. ‘Body shy?’ the actor confidently began the label on this Instagram image. #NAH #bodyproud..’ This is exactly how she stands out from the herd being very body positive.

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5. Neha Dhupia

Neha Dhupia has always been outspoken about her private affairs and frequently shares it on her Instagram feed. She maintained this attitude throughout her maternity, inspiring us all to embrace ourselves on all levels. And just like that, she said,

“Be kind to yourself and your body, it’s the only one you’ve got! It took me a while to understand this and be proud and comfortable in my own skin. If you’re reading this, DON’T waste as much time as I did! Your weighing scale doesn’t define you, you do!”

6. Ileana D’Cruz

Ileana D’Cruz is an Indian-born Portugal actor and model who is best known for her roles in Telugu and Hindi films. D’Cruz was born in Mumbai and raised in Goa for the majority of her youth. She shared a snapshot of herself in a bathing suit, which she subsequently re-posted on her Instagram story with a sweet remark about how she’s found a way to deal with her physique. Ileana said about her body and how people should learn how to accept theirs as well.

“So easy to get sucked into apps, that get you to alter your body so effortlessly to make you look “slimmer,” “more toned,” etc. etc…..This is me and I am embracing every inch, every curve, all of me.”

7. Shruti Haasan

Shruti is probably the boldest woman on his list. Her go-to style statement is clear as she embraces her surgery. Shruti Haasan’s lucid and exact essay about her cosmetic surgeries and how she decides to enjoy her life as she sees fit. Nobody owes a woman a justification for how she wants to conduct her life. She said,

“I’m happy to say this is my life my face and yes I’ve had plastic surgery which I’m not ashamed to admit. Do I promote it? No. Am I against it? No – it’s just how I choose to live. The biggest favour we can do for ourselves and others is just be and learn to accept the changes and the movement of our bodies and minds.”


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