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Some TV shows have a healthy and historic run — Seinfeld and Cheers come to mind. Some, like Joey, are thankfully chopped down before they hurt anyone. But there are yet other shows that have all the promise and fan following to become classics, but are chopped down before their prime. 

Here are 10 such TV shows that left us too soon. 

1. Sarabhai Vs. Sarabhai

Source: InUth

Perhaps one of the funniest shows on Indian TV at the time, Sarabhai Vs. Sarabhai became a cult classic in its short two season run. And yet that was it for the Sarabhai family on TV (we shall never mention the ill fated, horrible third season that came online). We ache to listen to Rosesh's poetry and Maya's snarky remarks. Bring it back! 

2. Sense8

Source: Sense8/Facebook

This show was refreshing in how it showed healthy relationships of its characters who were from different sexual orientations, racial & ethnic backgrounds and even different class backgrounds. Only ran for two seasons sadly. 

3. Rome

Source: The New York Times

This one is a bit of a personal thing. As a lover of historical fiction & documentaries, Rome was perfect. It had amazing historical accuracy, beautiful sets, and actually went in and explored the details of ancient Roman life. While the first season took its time, the second season had 4 seasons' worth of material. It was too expensive to run for HBO. If anything, the failure of Rome gave HBO an understanding into how to budget for big shows like Game of Thrones

4. Freaks & Geeks

Source: NME

This teen comedy was not just a teen comedy. Airing for only one season, it was a series that explored the lives of those on the fringes of the school hierarchy. While 18 episodes were recorded, the show was shut down after airing only 12 and left everyone with quite an abrupt ending. 

5. Mahi Way

Source: Hotstar

That's not the way. Mahi Way was a show that oozed body positivity and had a plus sized actor on screen, it was funny and Mahi was a super relatable character for everyone. Even though it was cancelled after one season, Netflix picked up broadcast rights in 2018, so you can catch old episodes. 

6. Chappelle's Show 

Source: Coventry University Blogs

Chappelle's Show was one of the most scathing and insightful comedy commentary shows around. And at its help was its amazing and insightful creator — Dave Chappelle. The show was just a standard in commentary about race and live in America. And of course who can forget, "I'm Rick James, bi*ch". Chappelle left the show after two season, leaving a $50 million deal on the table. 

7. Star Bestsellers 

Source: Huffington Post

This show had some amazing stories, delivered as short films in each episode. I remember realising how different the show was from everything else on TV. And how some of those stories touched me, even as a child. 

8. Boston Legal 

Source: Empire

If we are talking about shows that ended too soon, it doesn't have to mean that they were only around for a couple of seasons. Boston Legal almost completed 5 seasons before it was canned. The show, with its stellar cast and characters had to fight with the network to get even their series finale. 

9. Siddhanth

Source: Facebook

Speaking of legal dramas, we can't not talk about Siddhanth. One of the few Indian TV shows to be nominated for an Emmy, Siddhanth was a gripping legal show on Star One and was one of the most well scripted shows on Indian TV in a long time. 

10. Hannibal

Source: BBC

Is Hannibal everyone's cup of tea? Maybe not. Does it have problems? Sure. But is it a brilliant show that seriously needs to be picked up again? Abso-bloody-lutely. Hannibal is a take on the famous character Dr. Hannibal Lecter and this iteration was only on screen for about 3 seasons. It needs to come back. 


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