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A lot us don’t believe in the other-worldly presence but have you ever felt that there’s somebody, some kind of being, omnipresent in the room while you’re half-asleep or simply doing your daily chores?

This example will generate a lot of reactions for people who have encountered something spiritual, including the desire to find out what the world of spirits looks like.

It is said that you generate a toxic aura that attracts spirits and results in witnessing paranormal events when you shoot for a horror / supernatural film involving ghosts and witches. It is also said that when people shoot a horror film, the spirits and ghosts are offended.

We do not know to what degree it is valid. The existence of spirits and ghosts has always been debated by people, too. Some encounters, however, send chills down the spine, and you refuse to think it was just a coincidence.

Here is a list of celebrities from Bollywood who have had real-life supernatural experiences.

1. Varun Dhawan was plagued by the ghost of Frank Sinatra, the American singer and actor.

Varun Dhawan stayed in a hotel while shooting for ABCD 2, a favourite of legendary singer Frank Sinatra. He was installed in a suite which was said to be haunted by the actor-singer ‘s ghost.

When Varun went back to his room to sleep, after a long, tiring day of shooting, he heard some odd noises and the door squeaked open on its own.

“Varun had shared with Mid-day,” The suite was undoubtedly haunted because at night I would hear someone singing and the doors would just fling open.

2. Nawazuddin Siddiqui has witnessed eerie events on Aatma sets

A lot of eerie events took place on the sets of Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Bipasha Basu starring Aatma-Feel It Around You that left them all dumbstruck. A woman singing while filming for a scene was heard by the cast and the crew, including Bipasha.

There was no sound on the tape when they played the recording again. “In another case, Nawaz was shooting for a scene when a photo-frame hanging behind the wall tilted and later crashed on the floor” even though there was no breeze in the room or the nail on which it hung dropped.

3. Bipasha Basu saw weird stuff on the Gunah sets

Bipasha Basu was at Mukesh Mill shooting for Gunah when she found unusual incidents there. In some of the spaces, she was evidently unable to learn her lines. Sometime later, for some other film, another actress was shooting at the same location and she began acting like she was possessed. She was taken to a hospital after that, where she died.

4. Emraan Hashmi heard someone in the hotel room crying while he was on holiday.

Emraam Hashmi and his friends were on holiday in Matheran when they stayed in a hotel where there was no one apart from them. They all heard somebody really crying loudly. They all left their room in search of the screaming man, but they couldn’t find anyone. They spent a restless night and it wouldn’t stop the crying.

First thing in the morning, we moved out of that hotel to a hotel where other guests were too close to us, “he said.”

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5. Soha Ali Khan heard noises coming out of empty rooms

Soha Ali Khan and her co-star Mahi Gill encountered odd incidents on the set when filming for ‘Gangs of Ghosts. From empty quarters, they can hear unidentified noises.

“All the cast and crew members packed up to stop any unexpected happenings without wasting any time,” she said.

6. When shooting for the movie, Ranveer Singh felt the presence of Peshwa Bajirao

It was a very trippy experience and I freaked out absolutely. I remember it as one of the most difficult shooting days. I figured I sensed a sort of presence, and something told me it was him … I had a difficult job ahead of me on that shooting day, and I was praying hard to get it right. On the collection, there was a black wall on which some white dust had settled and formed a pattern in the shape of the figure of Bajirao. It had a turban, eyes , nose, arms, and a mooch. The similarity was for all to see.

It may be his mind playing tricks, Ranveer said, but he had a deep instinctive feeling.

7. Govinda woke up to see a woman on his chest sitting down.

In hilly areas, ghostly encounters are most frequently heard. Govinda had one as well. While shooting in a hilly area for a movie, he was staying in a hotel. He saw a woman sitting on his chest in the middle of the night when he woke up. Not only that, he said that when he woke up, the room did not look tidy.

8. Saroj Khan heard the noise of furniture moving!

When they heard someone moving the furniture in the room above, Saroj Khan was staying at a hotel with her troupe. When they called to avoid the noise at the reception, they told them there was no floor above.

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9. Ram Gopal Varma saw somebody passing by his bedside,  

Ram Gopal Varma was so attached to his ghostly character Manjeet, who in his film ‘Bhoot’ was a ghost, that after wrapping the 3 AM shot, he saw him walking beside his house. He said she heard her footsteps, but nobody was there.

The director inside me told me that Manjeet could not be there. Yet the man in me maintained that he was himself.

10. Via Neil Nitin Mukesh, someone moved!

The light boy on the sets came running to him when filming for a horror flick 3 G, telling him that he saw someone standing by his side who was later passing right through him.

So we were shooting at this one spot that is supposed to be haunted apparently! And the unit boys experienced a presence. One of our light boys came screaming, complaining that there was someone standing next to him. And it went straight through him. At first, we thought he was trying to create a buzz by kidding, but then when he sat shaking like a leaf, he tweeted when we sat and heard him out.

11. Karan Singh Grover

Karan Singh Grover says that while shooting for Alone, while he doesn’t believe in ghosts, he actually had some supernatural encounters. He said, “Some of the scenes are so true and so spooky that you really start to sense a presence around them.”

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