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The Bollywood film industry is often projected as biased as it strongly supports nepotism. The ones without filmy backgrounds are treated as outsiders no matter how talented they are. There have been several incidents when a few very talented actors and actresses have been sidelined and have not been given the credit they deserved.

Recently, film editor-screenwriter Apurva Asrani made some shocking revelations about the late Sushant Singh Rajput and actress Priyanka Chopra

Apurva Asrani is a popular filmmaker who is mainly known for the movies Shahid, Satya, and City Lights. He had also written Aligarh, starring Manoj Bajpayee. For the 2001’s Snip, he won the National Film Award for Best Editing. The filmmaker decided to burst the bubble and talk about the ‘dark side’ of the Bollywood industry.


Asrani revealed that the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput was ‘snubbed at awards’ and ‘being portrayed like he has mental issues’.

The filmmaker recalls how Sushant Singh Rajput was gradually isolated from the Bollywood film industry. Apurva Asrani said that the actor was ‘snubbed at awards’ and was ‘harangued right till the end’. He claimed that though Sushant’s last film Chhichhore earned a whooping Rs 100 crores, it was projected as a flop.


Asrani told Hindustan Times,

“Sushant was snubbed at awards. His last film may have done a whopping 100 crores but it was projected as a flop. He spoke intelligently, but they portrayed his words like he had mental issues. He was harangued right till the end and the worst part is, we could hardly see the truth. It was made to look like he had plum projects, but had an attitude problem”

Apurva Asrani also talked about how he had called out a journalist for accusing the late Sushant Singh Rajput of the MeToo movement. He recalled when SSR had a dispute with a big producer, he was falsely accused of MeToo.

Asrani shared,

“When I called out that journalist publicly, the trend of blind items entirely stopped, but I was blacklisted by other journalists who stood in solidarity with their kin. My last web series, a courtroom drama, was not reviewed by any of the ‘senior’ critics. Yet it went on to become a big hit. In fact, it was rated as the 5th most-watched series ever, but none of them has carried this story. The irony is that the blind item journalist now has a high-paying job in the very same production house that Sushant had beef with.”

Asrani further revealed how influential people always targeted Sushant Singh Rajput and said,

“Director Abhishek Kapoor has used a very apt term to describe what was done to Sushant. He called it a systematic dismantling of a fragile mind’. It’s where they use the entire system to slowly ignore you, and isolate you.”

Ansari also came out in support of Priyanka Chopra after the actress revealed that she was cornered in Bollywood

Priyanka stated the reason she was forced to go to Hollywood was that she was neglected in Bollywood. The film editor-screenwriter said that the film industry picks its favorite. And the selected one climbs up the ladder to oust an actor from an entire ecosystem.

He was quoted as saying,

“These egos call other egos and tell them not to work with this person. They then use the media and powerful journalists to run campaigns to discredit this person. Blind articles are written by corrupt scribes who make damaging accusations. False stories are planted about inappropriate behaviour on set.”

He also added,

“Anyone who is outspoken, who refuses to be disrespected, who doesn’t demean themselves by agreeing to their regressive ideas, they are pushed into a corner”


Apurva Asrani took a trip down memory lane and recalled that despite back-to-back hits like Barfi and Agneepath, a campaign was run against Priyanka. He said,

“She had given two big hits – Barfi and Agneepath – in just one year, but the front page of a city newspaper carried a headline saying that no hero wanted to work with her. They weren’t giving her due, she wasn’t able to grow as an actor and a star.”

During a podcast with Dax Shepard Priyanka revealed that she was tired of “politics” in the Hindi film industry. Asrani’s statements came days after the revelation.


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