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In the movie, Ajay, also known as Ajju (Varun Dhawan), is a carefree man based in Lucknow, focused on maintaining a glamorous image despite being a history teacher with limited knowledge. Alongside his wife, Nisha (played by Janhvi Kapoor), he embarks on a journey across Europe to learn about World War II, intending to teach it in his class. However, his approach to teaching through reels and posing in front of monuments raises concerns, and the film’s attempts at comic relief fall flat.

Unfortunately, the movie has a huge problematic aspect as it turns about to be insensitive in multiple instances. From using concentration camps as a backdrop to Ajay’s insensitive attitude towards Nisha’s epilepsy, the movie tends to fail to leave the audience impressed. From calling it a waste of time to the worst movie of Varun Dhawan so far, here’s what the netizens said about the movie on Reddit:

“Bawaal is a crap movie. I was not able to sleep so started watching Bawaal on Prime and now I know why they opted for OTT release. It is so dull, boring and illogical. There is literally no connection between the characters and a special shout-out to overacting of Varun DiCaprio and the negligible acting of Janhvi Kylie Jenner. I was watching the movie in hope that now something interesting will happen but nothing and I just want to save your time and cannot believe I wasted my 2 hours on this. I have no hope left from bollywood now.”, wrote a Reddit user. 

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“I feel like the director wanted to teach WW2 history to avg moviegoers in India & wrote this story around that because it did not make sense to me at all. It was incredibly tone deaf in certain moments, the most being when a holocaust survivor is talking about Auschwitz and they somehow relate that to Jhanvi and Varun’s marriage. Nah, not for me this.”, wrote another user. 

“I am watching it right now. Halfway in, I came on the sub to see if anyone else also hated it as much as I am right now”, wrote another user. Someone wrote, “Just finished it. Wasted 2hrs ffs. Wasn’t even engaging tbh…””I felt the same way with coolie no 1. I think I gave up around 45 mins mark. I will never watch another Varun dhawan movie again.”,another user mentioned.

“Bahut bekaar movie hai mat dekho. Basically marriage counseling with the backdrop of WW2.”, a user wrote. Another netizen mentioned on Reddit,”It was so tone deaf and problematic. If something like this was released in Hollywood, it would literally get canceled in a day or two. The only saving factor is that not lot of Jewish watches Bollywood so general people just gonna give side-eye and move on.”

“Can we also talk about varun’s overreacting? It was so cringe. And Janhvi is pretty but she literally only have one expression.” a user mentioned. Someone wrote,”If overacting has a face then it is definitely look like varun Dhawan And no acting will look like jhanvi’s.”

“I started it and stopped halfway. The acting was unbearable especially Janhvi. Holy crap. Waste of my time.” a user wrote. Somebody mentioned, “EXACTLY. I just hate the fact that they showed a comparison between relationship issues and the nazis killing the Jews in gas chambers. It was just so fucking problematic to me. People DIED! and here you are glorifying romance in the name of that.”

“Had the worst performances ever and Varun’s comedy timing is horrible. Jhanvi cannot emote as a middle class girl with a trophies marriage and looks plastic asf- she should just stick to item numbers.”, wrote someone. Another user mentioned,”Movie was just boring. They were trying to make a feel good movie on large scale. Failed on both fronts. Janhvi was too bad and Varun was trying too much.”

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