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Celina Jaitly is one of the actresses in Bollywood known for her beauty. She came to the limelight after becoming the Femina Miss India in 2001. She started her career as a marketing professional but ended up being an actress. According to reports, Celina’s mentor, Feroz Khan launched her in her debut film Janasheen alongside his son, Fardeen Khan in 2003.

A self-proclaimed film critic and a Pakistani national Umair Sandhu makes derogatory remarks about Bollywood celebrities. Though the man’s remarks are often disregarded, his comment on Bollywood actress Celina Jaitly made headlines that led to controversies.

The Pakistani journalist made a disrespectful comment claiming the actress had slept with Feroz Khan and his son, Fardeen Khan

Earlier this year, the Pakistani critic, Umair Sandhu, wrote a derogatory comment about Celina Jaitly which was deleted later. He wrote,

“Celina Jaitley is the only actress who slept with both father (Firoz Khan) and son Fardeen Khan many times.”


The actress recently revealed that she has raised the case with Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi

Celina reached out to the National Commission for Women (NCW), for Umair’s offensive remark. The matter was subsequently escalated to the Ministry of External Affairs. The MEA then communicated with the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi, seeking an investigation into the incident.

Celina emphasized in her complaint that Umair was repeatedly changing his online location but was presumed to be hiding in Pakistan.


Celina Jaitly sought ‘an immediate investigation and action’ on the incident. Taking to Twitter or X, Celina posted a picture of the letter the MEA had sent to the National Commission for Women and wrote,

“A few months ago, a self-proclaimed Hindi film critic and journalist @UmairSandu made untrue horrific claims about me which included bizarre allegations like my relations with my mentor Feroz Khan and his son Fardeen and targeted me and my family’s safety and security even in Austria.”

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Celina also spoke about her mentor Firoz Khan

Celina said that Feroz Khan was her mentor and he is a true gentleman. She said,

“Honestly, to date, there is no Khan like Feroz Khan. He was a thorough gentleman, extremely intelligent, and a very handsome intellectual. Mr Khan always called me ‘Celine’ and was not only my friend but also my mentor. There was nothing I would not discuss with him. He even advised me about my boyfriend at that time.”

After Janasheen, Celina went on to appear in several other films like No Entry (2005), Heyy Babyy (2007), Tom Dick and Harry (2007), Thank You (2011), and several others. She later married Austrian businessman, Peter Haag.

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