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Prostitution or sex trafficking is very much a taboo subject even in the uber modern times of today, especially in a nation like ours. People despise discussing this topic in public as much as they love to uncover or dig into this secretive/lesser known section of society. It is for this same reason that films like ‘Chameli’ and ‘Dev D’ drew a lot of viewers, not to forget the criticism they raked in simultaneously.   And let me mention, playing the role of a sex worker and sharing an experience of life in brothels ain’t a cake walk. It takes guts, a lot of it, to adapt the mannerisms and conversational style of a prostitute that a lot of our A-listed actresses have successfully achieved. Today, we are going to name 10 such bold Bollywood movies based on prostitution that stirred a hornet’s nest.

1. Talaash

Though the movie revolves around a death mystery, it made us take a sneak peek into the life of sex workers. Kareena slipped into the character of a prostitute effortlessly and added to this psychological suspense genre.  

2. Chameli

Awarded a Special Prize for the Best Performance by Filmfare, this movie added another feather in the cap of Bebo where she played the role of a prostitute who, with her sheer strength, is able to influence the character of Rahul Bose positively.  

3. Dev D

This highly acclaimed movie shed light on the life of a woman who plays a high profile escort at night and goes by the name of Chanda while effortlessly transforming into a simple college going girl in the day. Kalki brought justice to the character with her talent and innate acting skills. The movie was a modern adaptation of the film ‘Devdas’, which is another of those movies based on prostitution and was appreciated by the viewers for its story and direction.

4. Laaga Chunari Mai Daag

One of the finest performances by Rani Mukherjee, this movie was all about the struggle of an unmarried woman who ends up becoming a high profile prostitute while searching for a decent job in the city of Mumbai.  

5. Julie

Starring Neha Dhupia and Sanjay Kapoor, this movie was a dud at the box office. The story is about a girl who gets dumped by her boyfriend and in order to start her life afresh in Mumbai, she ends up a victim of sexual abuse by her boss. With her emotions getting brutally assaulted, she decided to become a call girl until a man falls in love with her and proposes her.

6. Chori Chori Chupke Chupke

With a star cast as special as Salman Khan, Rani Mukherjee and Preity Zinta, this movie ought to be a sure hit. The controversial movie not only shed light on prostitution but also on surrogacy. Preity is a prostitute who readily becomes a surrogate when Salman informs her of his wife’s infertility. It becomes a little complicated when Preity falls in love with Salman but eventually, things settle down and the former hands over the child to Salman and Rani and leaves.  

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7. Pyaasa

A 1957 movie directed by Guru Dutt, ‘Pyaasa’ was well received by the Indian public. How an unsuccessful poet finds solace in the arms of a prostitute and eventually leaves everyone with her – tired of the hypocrisy – is what the movie focuses on.

8. B.A. Pass

Stepping into the niche of male prostitution, this movie was about a young guy who is left to fend for himself and his sisters. With no help and wrong guidance, he eventually becomes a male prostitute but self-realization and guilt force him into killing the woman who introduced him to this side of the world. He too dies in the end.  

9. Lakshmi

Written and directed by the talented Nagesh Kukunoor, the film revolves around a 13-year-old girl who is kidnapped and sold to swim in the prostitution racket.  

10. Sadak

Starring Sanjay Dutt and Pooja Bhatt, this movie brings the harsh reality of prostitution and sex trafficking to us. The fight for freedom of a woman from the clutches of prostitution is the theme of this movie. 
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