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Players often get nervous in their 90s, and when the players are in their 190s they can’t handle their nervousness, they often end up losing their wickets. 190s is the score that is considered as a dangerous scoring situation where the player is on the verge of his double century. Many players have lost their wickets in their double century. Take a gaze at some of the players who lost their wickets!!! 
 1. Steve Smith 

 The Australian left-handed batsman lost his wicket only one run short for his double century in the test match against West Indies. With 21 fours and 2 sixes in his 361 balls, he ended up losing his wicket against the bowler Tylor. 

 2. Faf Du Plessis

 The South African right-handed batsman lost his wicket during his double century where he was short of only a run against Sri Lanka in a test match. He is the 11th Batsman to lose his wicket in 199. 

 3. Steve Waugh 

 The Australian batsman lost his wicket against West Indies in his 199th run. Curtly Ambrose took the wicket of the cricketer. 

 4. Virender Sehwag 

 Virender Sehwag has missed out on his double century many times. 

 5. KL Rahul 

 The Indian right-handed batsman lost his wicket on his 199 runs against England at Chennai. 

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