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 1 - Awwal Number

The “Awwal” position in the list of the failed cricket films. The film was an Indian sports and action film that was released in 1990.

The movie revolves around cricket with a blend of drama created with a terrorist attack amidst the match field where the match between India and Australia was to be played.

One of the main antagonists, actor Dev Anand approached Imran Khan. The film failed at engaging the audience and it was considered a flop in the box office.

2 - Victory

While the title of the film gave a lot of hopes, this was certainly not a victory of the film in the box office. The film starring Harman Baweja in the lead role was a cricket film that revolved around the life of a struggling cricketer to defy all odds to achieve an impossible dream.

For the authenticity and bringing in the realistic elements to the film, some cricketers from all around the world were called in for special appearances in the film.

The film failed miserably at the box office which further added to the declining career of the actor Harman Baweja.

3 - All Rounder

A 1984 film with some big actors, this was another film based on jealousy and cricket. Somewhat similar to elements of jealousy as of the film Awwal Number, this movie revolves around the life of a cricketer who makes a century at his debut match envying one of his co-players.

Post this other players cunningly departs him out of playing further and his comeback on the field after falling into alcoholism was an inspiration to never give up on dreams.

Though the plot seemed good, the film was not able to earn well in the box office and was considered a flop.

4 - Dil Bole Hadippa

A movie with a series of some impossible events, 2009 Dil Bole Haddipa was a sports drama film that revolved around the character of Veera.

An enthusiastic girl who transforms herself into a man to be a part of the male cricket team was certainly a poor element.

An unachievable goal at the end of the match and her batting style would give a headache to any cricket fan.

5 - Say Salaam India

I a sure that people might not have heard even about the name of this film.

This 2007 film revolved around a group of boys and their passion for cricket. The journey of school kids to beat all odds and rise in the cricket field was the main plot of the film.

6 - Meerabai Not Out

The film not directly revolves around cricket but rather on a cricket fanatic. The story of Meerabai, who is a die-hard fan of cricket, leads a cricket team in her colony on her name.

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