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 Parachute Car in Race 2

The Bollywood action film and the second installment to the series Race, this film was as confusing as the logic behind the parachute car.

With many prominent faces in the film, it consisted of various scenes where we truly could not understand the logic, the one scene where the actor Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone make their escape from a crashing plane in the car which was parked in the plane.

As soon as they take off the gates of the car, it gets into the air and four parachutes open up in the car and they land down safely. How is that possible!?

Cycle rickshaw scene in Main Hoon Na

The Bollywood masala film, Main Hoon Na remains one of the cult classics of Bollywood.

Starring Shahrukh Khan, Suniel Shetty, Zayed Khan, Amrita Rao, and Sushmita Sen in the lead roles, the film is an all-time favorite.

The extremely engaging story plot and the characters of the film are something that makes it truly worth watching. Though there were many action scenes. The two scenes that defied the logic happened to be the cycle rickshaw scene and a slow-mo fight scene where Shahrukh Khan is falling on the ground in a slow-motion and Suniel Shetty turns around to hit him in the stomach with his elbow, making him fall on the ground faster.

Getting into the details of the first scene, the scene where Shahrukh Khan is seen chasing the goons with the help of a rickshaw, he is seen taking that rickshaw into the air and balancing him with the help of the same while shooting with one hand. Like so much action in the air.

Rocket launcher in Race 3

The action thriller and the third installment of the race series, Race 3 received negative responses from the viewers but was considered a box office success. Right from the climaxes to action to cast in the movie, this movie had a set of disasters.

And finally, to add up to the list, the film consisted of a disastrous mistake towards the climax scene.

Salman was seen carrying a four barreled rocket launcher in his hands and fired a rocket in the wrong posture.

Ideally, it should have been kept on the shoulders to fire the rocket, and Salman Khan is seen pointing the weapon towards one car and ends up firing the same at two.

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