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Bollywood is a very big industry, where several films release every year. Everyone from director to actor is very famous and they live their life as an open book. However, there is something, which everyone wants to hide, especially news of affairs. The affair is pretty obvious in the entertainment industry, however, a problem arises when the affair of some married celebs come out. 

Today, we have compiled a list of Bollywood directors, who were married but still got involved in the extramarital affair.

1. Raj Kapoor

Raj Kapoor was called Show Man of the Bollywood industry. He was the most popular actor, director, and producer in the history of Hindi cinema. He got married to his first cousin Krishna Malhotra in 1930s. However, Raj Kapoor had an extramarital affair with popular actress Nargis.

Their affair lasted for more than a decade, but Nargis decided to end the relationship as Raj Kapoor was not ready to leave his wife and children.

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2. Ramesh Sippy

The director of the most iconic Bollywood film Sholay, he was already married to Geeta before her met TV actress Kiran Juneja. Both of them met on the sets of Buniyaad for the first time and they started seeing each other. Ramesh divorced his wife and married Kiran, who is the almost same age of his son Rohan Sippy.

3. Rohit Shetty

Rohit Shetty is one of the most commercial filmmakers currently working the industry. The director has given numerous blockbusters film in very short time. Golmaal series is one of the most popular film series in India. The director is married to Maya Shetty since 2005. However, while making Bol Bachchan, the director was unable to control his emotion for actress Prachi Desai. There are several rumors suggesting that both of them started living together. However, they both ended the relationship and Rohit went back to his wife Maya Shetty.

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4. Vikram Bhatt

Vikram Bhatt is one director, who makes more news for his personal life than professional life. He was married to his childhood girlfriend Aditi, but their marriage ended when he started seeing Sushmita Sen. Sadly, his extramarital affair and marriage both ended on a very bad note. It was his lowest period in life, he was in such a bad mood that he tried committing suicide.

Talking about the same, he said, “I regret hurting my wife and my child and abandoning them. I regret the pain I caused them. I always believe that when you’re not courageous, you become cunning. I did not have the courage to tell Aditi how I felt. And it was all happening together, it was a big mess.”

5. Mahesh Bhatt

Mahesh Bhatt is one of the most daring directors in the industry, he is known for some hard-hitting cinema. The filmmaker is also known for his bold choices in personal life. Mahesh Bhatt was already married to Kiran Bhatt when he met Parveen Babi. His extramarital affair was a heart-wrenching moment. Mr. Bhatt realized that he couldn’t stay with her due to her mental problems and left her. He went back to his first wife. However, he broke her heart once again, when he met Soni Razdan. Since he was unable to divorce his first wife, he converted to Islam and married Soni without divorcing his first wife.

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6. Anurag Kashyap

Anurag Kashyap started dating Kalki Koechlin when he was married to Aarti Bajaj. In 2009, he got married to Kalki after ending his marriage to Aarti. However, Anurag and Kalki parted ways in 2015.

7. Boney Kapoor

Boney Kapoor was already a married to Mona Kapoor with two kids Arjun Kapoor and Anshula Kapoor. He ended his marriage in 1996 and got married to Sri Devi. In order to marry Sri Devi, Boney left his wife and children. This is the reason, Arjun Kapoor doesn’t share a good relationship with his dad and his other family.

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8. Guru Dutt

Guru Dutt married his love, Geeta Dutt. However, his married life was hampered by his excessive drinking and smoking habit. His affair with Waheeda Rehman caused a huge ruckus in his personal life. He lived with his wife and never left her for Waheeda, but his married life was never happy.

9. Aditya Chopra

Aditya Chopra got married to Payal Khanna in 2001. The director divorced his wife in 2009 due to his affair with Rani Mukherjee. The couple got married later one and has a baby together.

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10. Imtiaz Ali

Imtiaz Ali was married to Preety. The couple has a daughter. His marriage ended, when the rumors of his affair with Iman Ali started floating around.

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