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90s was certainly the weirdest and most awkward era for fashion. Need proof? Hold your breath – shockers and embarrassments ahead!

Salman Khan and Juhi Chawla

A shirtless Salman is a treat for the eyes… well, not always! And Juhi? Sorry babe, we couldn’t take our eyes off Khan!

Karisma Kapoor

Going for a fancy dress competition, Lolo? Consider that scorpion-like headgear as your winning crown from our side… for winning our laughter, that is!

Saif Ali Khan and Akshay Kumar

Thank god, Ranbir Kapoor didn’t take his inspiration from this duo for his Saawariya towel dance!


Before she turned the evergreen diva, Rekha did THIS to remain in headlines!

Akshay Kumar

Wet and weird! Enough said


And THIS! Trying to be a superwoman? Funny is the only word that comes to our mind right now!

Anil Kapoor

You have to be full of attitude to pull off a shirtless stint with such flair, right Anil?

Sunny Deol

Is that real or morphed? Absolutely hilarious!

Sunny Deol

And if that was not all, Sunny does a full one with red undies! Hot? Hell, no!

Hema Malini

Hmmm… she plucked the rainbow from the sky, gave it to her tailor and got it stitched into this costume. Guts, huh!

Jackie Shroff

Skinny, hairy and wearing swimming undies (or whatever they are) – Jackie has lost all the chances to look hot in this one!

Aditya Pancholi

Disturbing and breaking us into a fit of laughter at the same time! Why Aditya, why?

Shakti Kapoor

You leave a lot to our imaginations, Shakti. Yet, we don’t want to imagine any further!

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Pooja Bhatt

Un-covered, Pooja dares to bare it all! Is it worth it? You decide.

Shahid Kapoor

The very, very young Shahid had no idea he would become the butt of many jokes when he posed like this decades ago!

Amrita Singh

All we are wondering is – how did Amrita remove all these blingy things after the awkward shoot was over!


Can we move on to the next one, please? This pic is scaring us stiff!

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