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When it comes to vintage Bollywood, one thing that definitely doesn’t have a good reputation are the kinds of photo-shoots our celebs agreed to doing. From strange props to even stranger poses, our B-town celebs have done it all. 

Take a look, but at your own risk, because the ride ahead is cringe and embarrasing all the way. 

1. Were they trying to contact extra-terrestrial life by being human antennas? 

Twitter/ Live9Tv

2. I don’t know about you guys, but doesn’t this seem just a little too close for comfort?

Tell me nothing

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3. This is the strangest pose ever, makes you wonder what instructions the photographer was giving the two. 


4. Err…. where is the regard for personal space! What was the vibe they were going for? 


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5. There is just a complete mismatch in the energies and expressions the two have on their faces. 


6. Maybe they were trying to outdo each other’s fitness levels? 


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7. A) I can’t take my eyes off of Akshay Kumar’s moustache and B) what an awkward kiss this is. 


8. These two look extremely awkward with one another. 


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9. Again, I cannot imagine what the photographer was thinking when they proposed this idea. 


10. Everything is just too naked! I get that they were trying to go for something bold, but this is overwhelming. 


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11. The pose, the undies, the angle of the picture, everything in fact is giving me second-hand embarrassment. 


12. Perhaps they thought high levels of machismo and violence will do the trick. 


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13. Uh.. one question. What is she holding?


14. Akshay Kumar is doing the most in this photoshoot, and Karisma Kapoor looks like she wants to ask Akshay why he’s such an overachiever. 


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15. One hairstyle that won’t flatter any face shape.


16. That’s a lot of body oil on their bodies. 


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17. Reena Roy was like, ‘Boy, put some pants on!’


18. What. In. The. World?


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19. And the stylist thought ‘Hey! They should wear t-shirts declaring their admiration for each other!’


20. That’s an awfully skimpy board! 


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21. John Abraham fans, we’ve got one for you!


Just how awkward do they look?

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