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Some have lost their faith in the credibility of such awards, while some found the honors low in rank. AND some thought they were not deserving enough!

1. Aamir Khan

The actor has always been quite open about his thoughts against the film award functions. He never attends them, and now the award juries don’t even nominate the actor despite the fact that he sure deserves to be acknowledged for his fine work. Anyway, some reports claim that Khan’s opposition to film accolades dates back to 1996 when he was supposed to perform at the Filmfare awards night and was chosen for the Best Actor award for Rangeela. But apparently, he opted out of his stage performance later, post which, the show producers, reportedly, decided to not bestow the trophy on him. They gave the award to Shah Rukh Khan for Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge instead. From there on, Aamir formed an opinion that award ceremonies are rigged and not real, thus he has never attended any such event since.

2. Kangana Ranaut

Much like Aamir Khan, Kangana too isn’t much in favour of attending film award functions. The two-time National film award winner, who took us by storm with her brilliant dual roles in Tanu Weds Manu Returns this year, was recently invited to the Melbourne Film Festival to receive the Best Actress award for TWMR. Though the actress has agreed to be a part of the starry night, she has politely declined the award.

3. Prithiviraj Kapoor

The legendary yesteryear actor was chosen for the Best Supporting Actor award for his exceptional portrayal of Emperor Akbar in K. Asif’s 1960 historical drama, Mughal-e-Azam. His reason was loud and clear – he strongly maintained that since he played the title role in the film, he deserved the Best Actor trophy and nothing lesser than that.

4. Shashi Kapoor

Bollywood celebs may have turned down several film awards, but refusing a National award has never been the case. Except for the time when Shashi Kapoor declined the prestigious honor for his role in Dharam Putra, way back in 1961. The generous actor reasoned, “I did not consider my performance worth an award.” The actor had already lapped up a National Award for New Delhi Times in 1986.

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5. Lata Mageshkar

This one is pretty amusing and cute in way! The genius singer was to be given her first Filmfare award for her song, Aaja Re Pardesi, from Madhumati, in 1958. But she refused to accept the Black Lady, as she didn’t like the idea that the trophy was designed as a woman with no clothes on. The statuette was then wrapped up with a handkerchief before Lataj Mangeshkar finally accepted it.

6. Vyajayanthimala

The versatile actress from the past was chosen for the Best Supporting Actress award for her role of Chandramukhi in director Bimal Roy’s 1955 romantic tragedy, Devdas. But Vyajanthimala refused the award, saying she deserved a better honor, as she was the lead heroine in the film, and wasn’t a supporting actress in it.

7. Reena Roy

A similar case happened years later when Reena Roy turned down the Best Supporting Actress award for her role in the 1977 flick, Apnapan. The actress’s reason for refusing the award was also the same – she believed she played the leading lady in the film, so why not the Best Actress award?

8. Sonu Nigam

Sonu stunned all when he refused to accept the Filmfare Best Singer award for his song, Sandeshe Aate Hain, from Border, in 1997. His reason will convince you about his act. The singer underlined that he sang the song along with Roop Kumar Rathore and it made no sense to him as to why only he was being given the trophy. Fair, much!

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