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Here we compile the pictures of Bollywood Movie scenes which were copied from Bollywood and were big time fail:

In the scene where Ranbir plans to rob a bank, he plays hide-and-seek with Saurabh Shukla’s cop character using a sliding door. The sequence is similar to Charlie Chaplin’s 1917 short film, The Adventurer.


3 Idiots copied from INSTANT KIWI

The car chase scene from MI2, copied by SRK starrer Dilwale.

In Vidya Balan Starrer Kahaani , was much inspired from the movie Taking Lives starting Angelina Jolie

Akhsay Kumar’s insanely hilarious scene in the Award Function scene from Om Shanti OM? The entire scene was copied from a Swedish movie called Kopps.

Dhamaal had few of its scene copied from year 2000’s hollywood movie Road Trip.

Can you spot the similarity? The modded BMW 5 Series above is from Dilwale trailer, the one below is M4 from BMW ad.

Himesh Reshammiya’s ‘The Xpose’ reminded us starkly of Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘The Great Gatsby’

They just blatantly copied the entire sequence. DAMN!

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