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Molkki on Colors TV created by Balaji Telefilms is investigating every possibility to engage the crowd with intriguing exciting bends in the road. The show has effectively figured out how to make an impression by means of its different and remarkable idea. As seen up until now, Sudha educates Purvi that Vaibhav is alive. This data stuns Purvi. Before long, Priyu likewise returns and in self-preservation she shoots Vaibhav. In the coming scene, the court hearing happens wherein Priyu is considered answerable for Vaibhav's homicide. In any case, before the consultation, Priyu uncovers everything to Virendra and Purvi about the past happenings. She additionally uncovers about Anjali helping Vaibhav which stuns them. At last, Priyu's attorney protects her in court and the choice comes in support of herself which satisfies Priyu and Purvi. Awww!

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