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It all began out back once the couple met at the set of Tashan and were given out in their comfort zone and interacted with each other for the first time freely. Despite being so absolutely extraordinary from every different of their personal and unique personality, the duo Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor got here collectively and are presently considered joined of the most effective and lucky couples of Bollywood. We will say that Kareena Kapoor is fairly the clever and elegant actor who likes to talk and can be a gossip queen while Saif Ali Khan has his personal appeal and is tons of a reader like one visible in Tandav. The couple ultimately fell infatuated at the set of Tashan and later tied the knot after 4 lengthy years. we're capin a position to mention that it takes time to recognize each other and they knew it extraordinarily well. They labored alongside in movies like LOC Kargil and Omkara earlier than and later Tashan happened. That time, Kareena Kapoor turned into bothered a hint in her profession but her 0 discern turned into all speakme around. The remember were given severe and Saif Ali Khan even proposed to Kareena Kapoor. But, she informed him that she needs time to reflect. He all over again requested to her as soon as in London and consequently the opportunity time in Paris. He even proposed to Kareena in the front of her mom Babita Kapoor. He married her on sixteenth Oct 2012. Seeing them now, a rich couple with a profession, they've a son Taimur Ali Khan and are on the brink of be parents, again!

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