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Many love stories are made and broken in Bollywood. One such love story is also between Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh. Currently, Saif Ali Khan is living a happy life with Kareena Kapoor and his two sons. But there was a time when Saif used to be madly in love with Amrita Singh, twelve years older than himself. However, the sooner this love story started, the more quickly it ended.

Saif and Amrita mentioned their love story in Simi Grewal’s chat show in 1999. Here both of them had told that when they met together, Amrita was a senior artist while Saif did not even make his Bollywood debut. Actually Saif had Rahul Rawail’s film ‘Yeh Dillagi’ in his hand. He was about to debut with the film.

Saif and Amrita were called by Rahul for the photoshoot of this film. During this time, the two met each other for the first time. A few days after the photoshoot, Saif asks Amrita to go to dinner with him. Amrita refused to go out on this. However, she told Saif that she can have dinner at his house if she wants.

Saif had a crush on Amrita. He wanted to know them properly. So he went to Amrita’s house on the pretext of dinner. Here, Saif saw Amrita without makeup for the first time. She looked very beautiful even without her makeup. Saif, however, did not think that Amrita would be found in a simple avatar after he left. He felt that Amrita must have been ready for him.

During dinner, Amrita clearly told Saif, ‘If you are thinking that something will happen between us then you are thinking wrong. So relax. ”That night Saif Amrita had dinner together and talked a lot. Not only this, for the first time both of them kissed each other. However, no physical relations existed between the two during this period. Saif and Amrita slept in separate rooms.
The next day, Saif woke up and asked Amrita to borrow 100 rupees. Actually, Saif did not bring his wallet with him. In such a situation, Amrita asked him to take her car. Amrita thought that on this excuse she would get a chance to meet Saif again.
Soon Saif and Amrita fell in love and the two got married in 1991. However, both of them divorced in 2004.

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