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Youth means when the future prospects were perpetual. As youngsters, we were generally shielded from all the mistreatments and shameful acts which are normal for this world. we anticipated growing up. being hopeful, light-hearted and wilfully unaware are properties we missed out on during the time spent growing up. in this manner, we behold back to the past just to feel what life resembled in those old-fashioned honest days once again. in actuality, sentimentality keeps us from the reality of the present and the torment of the real world. It’s the same for every grown-up, be it common people or celebrities, we all go dewy-eyed whenever we find ourselves in our yesterdays! But as a common individual, we always get curious about how our celebrities looked like when they were kids! With that, we discovered Ashish Chanchlani’s childhood pictures on his social media profiles! Here are the pics!

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