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Molkki Upcoming Story: Sakshi sends her spy after Purvi

Molkki upcoming story: 

Later on Molkki serial episodes, Sakshi will send her worker spy after Purvi and will discover that she is getting together with a man in regards to the cash. 

The current story of the Molkki serial is spinning around Purvi taking the cash from the haveli's storage and misleading Virendra that she has given it to Sudha's NGO. 

Notwithstanding, Sudha says that Purvi hasn't given the cash to the NGO and later Virendra defies Purvi who is saved by Sudha lying that she didn't have some familiarity with about Purvi giving cause to the NGO. 

Presently according to the serial spoilers of Molkki, Sakshi will catch Purvi conversing with somebody on an assemble about conference on the lookout and will send her worker spy after her. 

Further, Renu and Virendra will likewise go to the market where they will see Purvi conversing with a man and will go towards them, as indicated by the tattles of Molkki. 

How about we see what will Purvi do next in the upcoming bits of Molkki.

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