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Anupama 12th December 2021 Written Update: Anupama sees Anuj dancing in her dream

Anupama 12th December 2021 Written Update: Anupama composed update
The present Anupama 12 December 2021 episode starts with Vanraj going into the clinic room and seeing Anupama conversing with Anuj, encouraging him to awaken so she can chasten him for taking a chance with his life.
Anupama asks Vanraj for what reason Anuj isn't awakening still now and Vanraj discloses to Anupama that Anuj is steady now and will recapture cognizance soon.
Vanraj lets Anupama know that she needs to say his contemplations to her this exact second simply because he thinks this is the ideal opportunity.
He requests that Anupama continue on from being the daily encouragement of Shah family and contemplate herself.
He tells her that Anuj is the perfect individual for herself and solicitations her to concede that she cherishes him the same way he does.
Vanraj further tells Anupama that he is at long last releasing her and she is free to pick what she needs in her day to day existence.
Anupama stays stunned however Vanraj persuades her that she is only reluctant to acknowledge her sentiments.
Anuj sings and hits the dance floor with a rose in Anupama's creative mind causing her to understand her sentiments towards him. The following day, Anupama awakens at the call of Anuj and is thrilled to see that Anuj has recaptured his cognizance. The specialist really looks at Anuj and illuminates Anupama and Vanraj that Anuj is absolutely fine now and out of risk. Afterward, Vanraj calls the relatives to illuminate them about Anuj, and all are assuaged to know the news.
Anupama illuminates Anuj that she has something to tell him and was going to talk when she gets hindered by a call by Malvika. Vanraj lets Hasmukh know that he has advised Anupama to continue on in her existence with Anuj which satisfies Hasmukh. Anuj gets some information about to talk and Anupama gets anxious.
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Upcoming Anupama episode refreshes: Hasmukh requests that Anupama deal with Anuj, Anuj uncovers Malvika is his greatest obligation, much more than Anupama.

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