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Bhagyalaxmi 16th December 2021 Written Update: Malishka Tries her wedding dress

Bhagyalaxmi sixteenth December 2021 Written Update: Bhagyalakshmi composed update

The present Bhagyalaxmi 16 December 2021 episode starts with Lakshmi meeting Malishka in the wake of emerging from the evolving room.

Lakshmi acclaims Malishka as she looks delightful.

Further, Lakshmi lets Malishka know that she is wearing the very marriage outfit that Lakshmi had chosen for Malishka.

Lakshmi thinks about how did the sales rep give the outfit to Malishka.

The sales rep comes there and says that Malishka's better half, addressing Rishi requested that she give it to Malishka.

Everybody gets befuddled as Viraj told nothing to the sales rep.

Rishi hears these discussions stowing away in the changing room and gets stressed.

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