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Bhagyalaxmi upcoming story: Rishi says sorry to Lakshmi

Bhagyalaxmi upcoming story:

Later on Bhagyalaxmi serial episodes, Rishi will apologize to Lakshmi subsequent to getting back as he might suspect Lakshmi has looked into him and Malishka.

As of recently in the Bhagyalaxmi story, Lakshmi has persuaded Viraj to wed Malishka.

Afterward, Lakshmi strolls into a room where Rishi is promising Malishka to wed her.

Presently according to the serial tattles of Bhagyalaxmi, Abhay will let Kiran know that it is useful for everybody assuming Malishka and Viraj get hitched.

Then again, Lakshmi will ask Rishi for what good reason didn't he tell her anything. Rishi and Malishka will believe that Lakshmi is familiar with them.

Malishka will let Lakshmi know that it's extraordinary she discovered reality.

Lakshmi will leave the room and take Malishka with her.

Afterward, in the wake of returning, Rishi will apologize to Lakshmi, as per the spoiler of Bhagyalaxmi.

Allow us to see what occurs straightaway, in the upcoming touch of the Bhagyalaxmi serial.

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