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Choti Sardarni Gossip: Seher asks Rajveer for divorce

Choti Sardarni tattle:

In the upcoming Choti Sardarni serial episodes, Rajveer will let Seher know that he needs to move away from her and she will request a separation.

As of not long ago in Choti Sardarni's story, Seher attempted to get together with Rajveer at his home while he thought to avoid her for her great.

Afterward, Seher tracked down Rajveer's area and admitted her affection for him while he told her that he is going exceptionally far away from her.

Presently according to the upcoming touches of Choti Sardarni, Seher will ne going to get hit by a truck while Rajveer will save her and will reprimand her for not being cautious.

Further, Seher will address him and will let him know that he needs to separate from her assuming he needs to disappear from her in order to get Raj to acknowledge her affection, as per the spoilers of Choti Sardarni.

How about we check whether Rajveer will acknowledge Seher's adoration in the upcoming story of Choti Sardarni serial.

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