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Choti Sardarni upcoming story: Rajveer meets an Unknown Lady

Choti Sardarni upcoming story:

Later on Choti Sardarni serial episodes, Rajveer will meet with a baffling while Seher will follow him and will get stunned.

The current story of the Choti Sardarni serial rotates around Seher frightening off the expected purchaser from the bartering by doing a show that the house is spooky.

In any case, Rajveer told her that he has effectively got a purchaser who will move in following two days prompting Param and Karan contending.

Presently according to the spoilers of Choti Sardarni, Rajveer will leave the Gill house in the evening while Seher will see him leaving and will follow him.

Rajveer will go to a young lady's home and will tell her that they need to prepare another arrangement as their present arrangement isn't working.

He further lets the young lady know that he doesn't need anybody to be aware of this, as per the tattles of the Choti Sardarni serial.

We should see what will be Rajveer's best course of action in the upcoming spots of Choti Sardarni.

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