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Choti Sardarni Upcoming Twist

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Choti Sardarni upcoming turn: 

Later on Choti Sardarni serial episodes, Seher will admit to Rajveer that she cherishes him while je will attempt to move away from her. 

The current story of the Choti Sardarni serial rotates around Kulwant attempting to perk up Seher by advising her to fail to remember Rajveer and continue on. 

In the mean time, Rajveer gets back from prison and breaks his relationship with Harshdeep saying that he sold out his trust and his sentiments and just played with him her entire life. 

Presently according to the spoilers of Choti Sardarni, Rajveer will ne in the sanctuary when he will see Seher moving toward him and he will attempt to stow away from her reasoning that it is better for her. 

In any case, he will chance upon who will stop him and will address why he's fleeing from her and will admit that she adores him, as indicated by the tattles of Choti Sardarni. 

We should see what will Rajveer do next in the upcoming story of Choti Sardarni.

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