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EXCLUSIVE: Nora Fatehi Shares being cheated by her Boyfriend

 In an exclusive chat with Bollywood Bubble, Nora Fatehi speaks about being cheated upon. She even revealed that she has been cheated but could never catch the person red-handed.

Nora Fateh told Bollywood Bubble, “I really don’t know. I think so, but I don’t know.” The actress said that she doesn’t know, but thinks that she has been cheated upon. Fatehi further explained how it is the scenario when you know you are being cheated upon, but have never caught the person red-handed.

She further explained, “You know when you don’t know, it’s that scenario. Like, I know, but it’s like how do I prove it? But this guy cheating you’re talking about, when you catch the person red-handed, no no, it’s not happened.”

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