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Imlie spoiler: Anu offers 2 Crores to Aryan to cover Aditya and Malini's wedding

Imli spoiler:

In the upcoming story of the serial Imlie, Anu will attempt to bait Aryan to cover Aditya's wedding with her girl Malini.

As of not long ago in the account of Imlie, Malini incites Aditya to either wed her or to let her cut short the youngster.

Afterward, Aditya reports that he is wedding Malini before Imlie and Aryan and requests that Imlie sign the legal documents.

Imlie signs the papers and apologizes to herself for being so unselfish.

Presently according to the tattles of the serial, Aryan will request that Imlie cover a high-profile wedding.

However, Imlie denies doing it when she becomes more acquainted with that it is Aditya and Malini's wedding.

In any case, Anu attempts to draw Aryan with two crore rupees and requests that he reevaluate his choice.

Allow us to see whether Aryan regards Imlie's choice or will get attracted by the sum presented by Anu in the upcoming episodes of Imlie.

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