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Rishton Ka Manjha spoiler: Arjun suspects Monica

Rishton Ka Manjha spoiler:

In the upcoming RKM serial episodes, Arjun will see mud on Monica and her companions' shoes and think that they were not in the flask.

Such a long ways in Rishton Ka Manjha's story, Monica and her companions hijack Diya and hang her topsy turvy.

Presently according to the tattles of the Rishton Ka Manjha serial, the ward kid will illuminate the Madam about Monica and her companions not being in their rooms when he was looking for Diya.

The Madam will ask Monica and her companions where they were assuming they weren't in their rooms.

Arjun will catch their discussion from the entryway.

Arjun will see Monica's shoes covered with mud and will be in question that they were not in the flask, as per the upcoming story of RKM.

We should check whether Monica will be gotten for upsetting Diya or not, in the upcoming touches of Rishton Ka Manjha.

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