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Life is an extremely precious and unsurpassed gift given by God. We are brought into existence by our parents, life without them is completely unimaginable. But everyone does not have the luxury to enjoy the comfort offered by their parents. There are innumerable children all over the world who are orphans. They have lost their parents at tender ages where they need them the most. At such adverse times, adoption is the aptest help that could be provided to the children. Many celebrities have adopted children and are raising them with the utmost care. Listed below are some of the popular Indian celebrities who have adopted children and gave them the life they deserve.

1. Raveena Tandon

Raveena Tandon Adopted Daughters

Raveena took the decision of adoption at the mere age of 21. At such a small age, it was an extremely courageous move to adopt a child. She adopted two girls named Pooja and Chayya. The girls adopted by Raveena were 11 years and 8 years old respectively. Many of the relatives raised objections to her decision but she was firm concrete on her choice. Meanwhile, Raveena married Anil Thandani in 2004. She gave birth to Rashya (2005) and Ranbir (2008). All the siblings live together happily as one family and without any false thoughts. In 2016 Chayya tied the knot with Shawn Mendes.


2. Sushmita Sen

Sushmita Sen Adopted Girls

Miss Universe, Sushmita Sen also took the decision of adoption at the age of 25. The actress adopted the first girl child, Renee in 2000.  In 2010 she adopted another girl named  Alisha. For Alisha, she had a long legal battle and finally got custody of the girl. The brave actress believes that everyone should adopt a child from the orphanage. She thinks that adoption will add extraordinary joy to your family and the children will also get a better life.


3. Subhash Ghai

Subhash Ghai Daughter Meghana

The famous director and showman have his own daughter named Muskaan. She was born after 27 years of marriage with Mrs. Mukta Ghai. He has adopted his younger brothers’ daughter Meghana in 2013. Presently, Meghana is taking care of his Ghais institute which is a film, television, and media arts institute. The project is believed to be the dream project of the famous filmmaker.


4. Mithun Chakraborty

Mithun Chakraborty Adopted Dishana

Once an abandoned child was found near a dust bin, the issue was on air for a long time. The child was very weak and lacked nutrition. As soon as Mithun Chakraborty came to know about the issue he immediately rushed to the child. Mithun took the stand for adopting the girl child and named her Dishani. Before adoption Mithun discussed the issue with Yogita his wife. She understood the situation and confirmed the adoption immediately. Yogita was so excited to hold the baby child. Mithun and Yogita raised the girl along with their three children. She remains the favorite amongst all of them there has never been discriminated against. Recently she decided to join Bollywood and has joined an acting school at the New York film academy.


5. Salim Khan

Salim Khan Arpita

Entire B-town admires the Khan family.  It is said that Arpita was a child of a beggar, during birth she died.  Salim and Salma spotted the infant near a dead body. They decided to adopt the baby girl. It is also often said the second wife of Salim Khan, Helen brought the child home.  This indeed turned Arpita into an angel from an orphan. Arpita is an adorable child in the Khan family and also quite popular in Bollywood.  In 2014 she was married to Ayush Sharma. Last year, on 27 December Arpita Khan and Ayush were blessed with a baby boy, they named him Ayat.

6. Sameer Soni And Neelam Kothari

Sameer Soni And Neelam Kothari

Famous actress Neelam was hitched to Sameer Soni in January 2011. After 2 years of marriage, they decided to have a daughter. Both of them landed upon the decision to adopt a baby girl between the age of 6-7 months. They started the procedure and went to the orphanage to adopt the child. At the first sight, the baby girl gave a cute smile. Neelam decided to adopt the girl and said that she saw a million-dollar smile. The couple named the girl Ahana. Neelam admitted that Ahana is her life she can’t be anymore without her in a later interview.


7. Mandira Bedi And Raj Kaushal

Mandira Bedi And Raj Kaushal

Mandira Bedi is a famous reporter and presenter, she already has a 9-year-old son named Vir. Recently Mandira decided to adopt a girl child. Mandira said that her son was continuously asking for a sister so she decided to adopt a girl child and have already decided her name. The family was eagerly waiting for the child but due to lockdown, the adoption process was getting delayed. But finally, on 28 Jul 2020, they adopt a 4-year girl child named Tara. Everyone welcomed her with open arms and was very grateful.

8. Sunny Leone And Daniel Weber

Sunny Leone And Daniel Weber

Sunny Leone is a very well-known actress in Bollywood. They decided to expand their family and adopted a child from an orphanage in Latur. They named the little girl Nisha. Everyone appreciated the decision of the actress. On 21 June 2017, Sunny Leone and Daniel were blessed with twin sons by surrogacy. She named them Noah and Asher.


9. Jay Bhanushali And Mahhi Vij

Jay Bhanushali And Mahhi Vij 

Jay and Mahhi are very famous couples on television screens. Recently on 3 Aug 2020, they gave birth to a girl child named Tara. 3 months ago, the couple adopted their caretaker’s kid. The girl is named Khushi. All the fans appreciated their decision. The pictures on their social media profile were heavily liked by their fans, where the family was seen enjoying themselves together.


10. Gurmeet Choudhary And Debina Bonnerjee

Gurmeet Choudhary And Debina Bonnerjee

Another famous television couple adopted two sisters. Their decision was immensely appreciated by all the stars of television and their fans. Gurmeet is from Bihar and Debina is a Bengali. While discussing with his father, Gurmeet came to know two about these sisters Pooja and Lata, the former aged 6 and later 9. The sisters are from Jarampur and were forced to work as domestic workers in households. Gurmeet discussed the matter with Debina, and both decided that they will not allow anyone to spoil their childhood. They took a concrete stand and complete all the legal formalities. Now they are happily living all together under one roof.

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