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 In a shocking revelation, actress Hema Sharma has come forward with serious allegations against her co-star Salman Khan. Having worked with the superstar in Dabangg 3, she claimed she was manhandled, humiliated, and treated like a dog.

Recounting the distressing incident that occurred in 2019, emotional Hema said that she wouldn’t ever want to meet Salman ever again.

Actress Hema Sharma has revealed the details of the heartbreaking incident that occurred when she simply wanted to take a photo with Salman Khan. Recounting the incident, she stated to IANS,“Arre aap superstar hain Salman Khan tabhi toh aapke sath koi picture lena chahta hai na koi. Aur ye kehna ki ladki ki izzat karo… ye karo… vo karo… Aap jaisa behave karte ho ussi se pata lag jata hai ki aap ladki ki kya izzat kar rahe ho.”

“Maine kasam kha li thi ki mai kabhi ye mann mein bhi laungi ki mujhe Salman Khan ji se milna hai… mujhe nahi milna hai…aaj mujhe 3 saal ho gaye hain… 2019 mein ye meri beizzati ki gayi thi aur uss din se aaj tak maine kabhi nahi socha ki mujhe Salman Khan se milna hai”, she said in a viral video. .

Hema Sharma shared how her simple request to take a photo with Salman Khan turned into a distressing and harassing experience for her. Here’s what unfolded:

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As quoted by IANS, she said, “I really wanted to work in Dabangg 3 and I did everything in my capacity to work in that film because I wanted to meet Salman Khan sir. Earlier, my scene was with Salman sir. So, I was very happy and thankful to God for the opportunity.”

However, the scene was ultimately shot with Salman Khan alone, removing Hema Sharma from the final shot.

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“I was very disappointed and after the shoot got over for me, I just wanted to meet Salman sir,” she said adding that she approached a lot of people just so she could meet Salman and get a photo with him.

“At least I spoke with 50 people to get a chance to meet Salman Khan and to click a picture with him. I then got in touch with Pandit Janardhan, who has also come on ‘Bigg Boss’, and expressed my wish to him about meeting Salman sir.  He assured me that it`ll happen and we went to meet Salman sir. I can’t tell you how badly I was treated and humiliated, I was thrown out like a dog all because I wanted to click one picture with him.”

In addition, Hema Sharma mentioned that she was not the only one who faced mistreatment, as Pandit Janardhan was also subjected to similar unfair treatment alongside her. “I was humiliated in front of a unit of 100 people which included several of the people whom I knew personally. I couldn’t sleep for 10 days after that. All I wanted was to meet Salman sir and to click a picture with him.”

Many netizens have come forward to express their disappointment and criticize the incident:

“A wise man once said… Be responsible while choosing your Heroes!”, wrote a user. Another netizen wrote,“Reality check for yu. Hope u learnt your lesson . Stay blessed!”  Someone wrote, “Who make these chit a super star I’m never waste my time.”Another user mentioned, “In the first place you all make them God and then crib if they behave like a God.”“If anyone feels that working with Salman is their artistic achievement then I pity them.”, wrote another netizen.

A user mentioned, “Who make an actor to be a superman’s public. Tomorrow you will turn to dust so always behave like a good humanbeing.” Someone wrote,“This is what happens when people forget that stars are also people like us and they end up giving more respect and importance to stars that they themselves forget their own self worth and importance. Stars should be treated as a human being and people like us and should not be treated as someone who came from other world. I wish if we give the same respect and importance to our family members, neighbours, friends, colleagues, partners the world could have been a better place.”

A user mentioned, “Bollywood is ruled by some people and no allegation will make any difference to them. Thanks, she is safe and sound.” Somebody wrote, “What’s great about Salman Khan. The face is beautified by make up artist, dialogs written by someone, directed by someone, story by someone, surroundings by someone  . What has he done otherwise. Have pictures with our real life heroes, soldiers, doctors, nurses, other people who contribute in nation building. At your cost these people are enjoying luxuries of life. Please stop reel hero worshipping.”

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