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In a way to honour his fabulous contribution towards quality Indian cinema, we have prepared a list of roles which prove that Vijay Razz is a shape-shifter.

1. Monsoon Wedding

Vijay Raaz played a small role in the film but his character had a lot of gravity. He falls for a Christian girl being a wedding planner by profession. His complex character was one of many things that kept the audience hooked to its plot line.

Vijay Raaz movie- Monsoon Wedding

2. Run

It is one of the iconic roles played by Vijay Raaz. Even to this day his character is remembered for Choti Ganga and Kauwa Biryani. Though the film wasn’t a comic one, but his role did certainly bring humour to it.

3. Deewane Huye Paagal

The film was a laugh riot and Vijay Raaz’s role was a cherry on top. He played Akshay Kumar’s best-friend who cracked the audience with his goofiness everytime he came on the screen.

4. Dhamaal

Imagine coming across an emergency service executive as Vijay Raaz in Dhamaal! In those 15 minutes role, the actor managed to leave the audience gasping for breath while laughing. The plane didn’t land right but the plot certainly did.

5. Welcome

Another short but significant role. Vijay Raaz played the character of an on-rent fake movie director who got carried away by his fa├žade. He manages to ruin the only task that had been assigned to him by Akshay Kumar.

6. Delhi Belly

That diamond scene playing in the back of my mind while I’m writing this. Vijay Raaz played Don Somyajulu in the film who was a diamond smuggler by profession. Even his anger was so hilarious that it cracked up the audience.

7. Patakha

The actor played a little solemn role in Pataakha in which he was a widower father of two daughters. Despite being known for comic roles, he mastered the act of a helpless parent aptly and convincingly.

Vijay Razz best movie roles

8. Stree

It was one of the many micro-roles played by Vijay Raaz. The actor appeared for a short while in the film as an author of the book O Stree Kal Aana. His role in the film ends with him talking in a misogynist way but his honesty made even that sound funny.

Best movies roles of Vijay Raaz - Stree

9. Gully Boy

In Gully Boy, Vijay Raaz’s character was one of the most hated ones for the right reasons. He played the role of Ranveer Singh’s (Murad) father who remarries a young girl for money completely neglecting his first wife (Murad’s mother). However, in the end we see a change of heart in his character when Murad becomes a popular rapper.

Roles Of Vijay Raaz- Gully Boy

10. No Problem

In this light-weighted entertainer film, Vijay Raaz played an out-of-the-box character who tries to attempt suicide many times only to get failed. His character kept creating mess for everyone around him while he himself fails to kill himself.

Vijay Raaz in movies- No Problem

11. Soorma

Vijay Raaz was seen as Sandeep Singh’s Hockey Coach in Soorma. While the film was majorly known or Diljit Dosanjh’s character, one of Raaz’s dialogues also met with whistling in theatres. It went like this, “Tamancha kacche mein rakh lo babua, Bihari hain hum, thook ke matha mein chedd kar denge.”

Vijay Raaz Soorma Dialogue

12. Made in Heaven

Though it wasn’t a film, but Vijay Raaz played one of the most significant roles in the series. He was seen as a loan shark who invested money in small businesses. Even after Jim Sarbh’s intimidation, he remains unintimidated and says, “do chaar English ke shab bolne se aap ache vyapari nahi ban jate.”


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