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Do you like watching South Indian films but find it hard to get them in the Hindi dubbed version? If yes, then you are surely at the right place. You can get an idea of the latest best South Indian romantic movies in this article that are dubbed in Hindi for you to enjoy. All these movies are super hit as well as dubbed in Hindi. Interestingly, you can easily watch all these movies on Youtube in the Hindi language.

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So, if you are bored of watching the same old movies? Check out the list of top South Indian romantic movies that are dubbed in Hindi now.

1) Geetha Govindam

Geetha Govindam
Photo Credit: IMDb

This is the best romantic South Indian film that stars Vijay Deverakonda in the lead role. The movie starts with the character of Vijay Gavindam. In a temple, he falls in love with a beautiful girl, named Geeta. The entire is based on how Vijay expresses his love for Geeta. Director Parasuram beautifully describes a love story in this film.

2) Dear Comrade

Dear Comrade
Photo Credit: IMDb

If you love Geeta Govindam, then you definitely love this another romantic movie by Vijay Deverakonda. The movie starts with Bobby who confesses his love for Lilly. Then in a flashback mode, the movie illustrates Bobby and Lilly’s love story. It’s the most popular South Indian romantic movie in the Hindi language.

3) Tholi Prema

Tholi Prema
Photo Credit: IMDb

Tholi Prema means first love. With the name only, you will get some idea about the movie itself. The movie starts with Aditya searching for his love. After that, the movie continues in flashback mode. It shows us the beautiful and romantic love story of Aditya and Barsha.

4) Fidaa

Photo Credit: IBTimes India

If you like Sai Pallavi, then “Fidaa” would be the best romantic movie for you to watch today. It is a beautiful love story of Varun and Sai Pallavi where Varun (Varun Tej) falls in love with Bhanumathi (Sai Pallavi) during his brother’s wedding. Later, with various twists and turns, they come together and lived happily ever after.

5) The Super Khiladi 3

The Super Khiladi 3
Photo Credit: MX Player

This romantic South Indian movie dubbed in Hindi stars Ram Pothineni as Hari and Keerthy Suresh as Shailu. The movie starts with a flashback mode where Hari was thinking about his love story on a beach. The whole movie shows us an amazing love story of the couple Shailu and Hari.

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6) Supreme Khiladi 2

Supreme Khiladi 2
Photo Credit: MX Player

Tej I Love You (Supreme Khiladi 2) describes the beautiful love story of Tej and Nandini. It is a popular romantic South Indian movie where you can see Tej is a singer in the crazy boys’ band. However, he falls in love with Nandini at once glance. Director A. Karunakaran beautifully describes the love story between couples.

7) Chal Mohan Ranga

Chal Mohan Ranga
Photo Credit: IMDb

If you love to watch Nithiin and Megha Akash’s movie, then you can go with this movie. The movie starts with a cute love story of Mohan (Nithiin) and Megha (Megha Akash). This movie justifies the main concept of the film that is romance.

8) Dumdaar Khiladi

Dumdaar Khiladi
Photo Credit: Pinterest

This romantic movie stars Anupama Parameswaran as Anu and Ram Pothineni as Sanju. You can find the beautiful love story of Sanju and Anu in this movie and how they convince their parents about their love story. This is undoubtedly one of the best romantic South Indian movies that are dubbed in Hindi.

9) Super Khiladi 4

Super Khiladi 4
Photo Credit: MX Player

One of the best South Indian romantic movies shows us a cute love story of Keerthi (Keerthy Suresh) and Babu (Nani). Maybe you will see your favorite actor or actress in this movie because you will see Nani as Babu and Keerthi Suresh as Keerthi in the lead roles. It is a must-watch movie for romantic movie lovers.

10) World Famous Lover

World Famous Lover
Photo Credit: Movie Crow

Another Vijay Deverakonda romantic movie that you would love to watch. You can find the complicated love story of Vijay Deverakonda in this movie that will make you believe in true love all over again. That is why it is one of the best South Indian romantic movies dubbed in the Hindi language for you to enjoy.

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11) Uppena

Photo Credit: Gulte

The movie “Uppena” shows us a love story of a fisherman where he falls in love with a rich girl. This movie describes what type of difficulties they face after falling in love with each other. This romantic movie stars Krithi Shetty in the role of a rich girl and Panja Vaishnav Tej in the role of fisherman. It shows a new love story with new characters.

12) Chalo

Photo Credit: YouTube

“Chalo” is the best Hindi dubbed South Indian romantic movie that stars Naga Shourya as Hari and Rashmika Mandanna as L. Karthika. Hari falls in love with Karthika in college and the movie follows with how Hari expresses his love for Karthika. You can watch this very interesting movie in Hindi on Youtube.

13) Krishnarjuna Yuddham

Krishnarjuna Yuddham
Photo Credit: YouTube

You can see Anupama Parameswaran as Subbalakshmi, Rukshar Dhillon as Riya, and Nani as Krishna & Arjun Jayaprakash (Dual role) in this movie. In this movie, Arjun loves Subbalakshmi and Krishna falls in love with Riya. The romantic twists and turns in this movie make it one of the best romantic South Indian movies that you can watch in Hindi.

14) RX 100

RX 100
Photo Credit: YouTube

The movie “RX 100” is an intimate love story that stars Payal Rajput as Indu and Kartikeya Gummakonda as Shiva in the lead roles. The story is based on the true-life of Shiva where he falls in love with Indu. Later, they start an intimate relationship with each other. This is a must-watch romantic South Indian movie.

15) Lover (Rebel Khiladi)

Lover (Rebel Khiladi)
Photo Credit: YouTube

Director Annish Krishna shows us the beautiful love story of Charita (Riddhi Kumar) and Raj (Raj Tarun) in this film. Charita is a responsible nurse and Raj falls in love with Charita in a hospital. This movie shows a cute and romantic love story between the couple.


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