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Calling all foodies! If you are looking for some tasty movies in which food plays a crucial role, here are five Bollywood films you will want to check out.

1. Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana

At the start of 2012’s Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana, the protagonist Omi Khurana is in London, being hunted down by a gangster. So, he returns to his home village in Punjab. But much has changed in his absence. Most importantly, his grandfather has become senile and forgotten the secret recipe of the famous Chicken Khurana. Omi then makes it his quest to discover the secret ingredient that makes the chicken curry so special.

Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana

2. English Vinglish

If you have a sweet tooth, you are sure to enjoy playing online games like the sweet bonanza slot game that features all kinds of sugary delights, such as cotton candy, ice cream, and chocolate. When you are done, you can continue your sweet-fest by watching the 2012 comedy-drama English Vinglish. It revolves around a housewife who is trying to become an entrepreneur by making scrumptious laddus. Her business grows in popularity and one day she meets a French chef. Their relationship soon blossoms. When English Vinglish premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, it received a standing ovation for five minutes. The film went on to receive widespread critical acclaim and it won numerous awards.

English Vinglish

3. Bawarchi

The 1972 musical comedy-drama Bawarchi is an adaptation of the 1966 Bengali film Galpa Holeo Satyi. Rajesh Khanna stars as a cook for a large family. Living under the same roof as the nine family members, he plays a central role in the household, from preparing a delicious morning cup of tea to managing dinner. Khanna’s character is shown as a jack of all trades, but cooking is his forte and food plays a central role in the film. There are many lessons to be learned from Bawarchi, but not least, the message is clear that gorgeous home-cooked food can enable people to have a positive attitude to the world and its challenges.

Bawarchi movie Rajesh Khanna

4. Stanley Ka Dabba

The 2011 Hindi-language comedy-drama Stanley Ka Dabba sees Stanley studying at an all-boys school in Mumbai. Each day, Stanley’s classmates bring Tiffin boxes to school. But Stanley does not. He gives the excuse that his mother is away. Soon, each day, Stanley’s schoolmates and even the teachers are sharing their food with him. Things soon get out of control, though. Parents are gradually forced to pack more food in their lunchboxes, break times between classes end up being doubled, and extra classes are imposed on both students and teachers to compensate. This highly comedic and heart-warming film is sure to touch you, make you laugh, and make you want to try the contents of those Tiffin boxes.

Verma- Stanley ka Dabba

5. The Lunchbox

Food is at the heart and soul of the charming 2013 movie The Lunchbox. It involves a young wife who is attempting to seek her husband’s attention and put the spark back into their marriage by cooking delicious lunches for him. She sends the daily lunchbox to him at work through the famous Mumbai dabbawalas lunch delivery service. But her husband never seems to appreciate her effort in creating delicious meals. One day, a mix up happens, and a widower receives the lunchbox instead. Finally, her cooking becomes appreciated. Not by her spouse but by this new stranger. It is not long before the cook and the widower form a strong bond based on the appreciation of great food. The Lunchbox was a huge box office success. It received a number of awards upon release, including the winner of the Critics Week Viewers’ Choice Award at the Cannes Film Festival.

The Lunchbox movie

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