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Here is the list of actors who got trolled and laughed at because of their “manly” bodies, (what?):

1. Vaani Kapoor

Though most of the actors don’t really pay attention to the trolls. Vaani did hit back on the comment which clearly stated her as, “manly.”

Vaani Kapoor Manly and Malnourished
Vaani Kapoor/Instagram

2. Tanushree Dutta

Rakhi Sawant whose life revolves around controversy states that Dutta was just a “lesbian with male body parts.” This statement was even more confusing and puzzling than the acts Rakhi has pulled off in the streets just because she needs attention and validation from people. Sad.

tanushree dutta hot

3. Taapsee Pannu

Being one of the fittest and into extra circular activities didn’t really help Taapsee get good attention. Instead, she has been called manly cause he shares pictures of her well buffed and ripped body.

taapsee pannu ripped body
Taapsee Pannu/Instagram

4. Bipasha Basu

Bipasha has been the fitness enthusiast of Bollywood for a long time now. If you’re someone to follow fitness routines from YouTube and get some home workouts done, then you definitely do know Bipasha’s easy workout regimes.

But being fir is apparently not taken easily by Bollywood. Bipasha was legitimately asked by a journalist about her body being manly.

bipasha singh grover, fitness freak
Bipasha Basu/instagram

5. Bani J

Working as an actor and used to work as a VJ. Bani used to get slammed and trolled because she has very muscular and had a body covered with sporting tattoos.

VJ Bani
VJ Bani/Instagram

6. Dutee Chand

Dutee is an athlete, thus taking vigorous care of her body by working out accordingly is not something very uncommon anyway. Yet Dutee gets slammed as, “manly” since the beginning of her sports career.

Dutee Chand Manly
Dutee chand/instagram

7. The William Sisters

If yore unaware of who the William sisters are, then you probably live under a rock. The fact that the sisters got slammed as, “William Brothers” even though it’s very clear that they are very much into sports is very weird and strange.

Tennis is a very energy captivating game, thus it really requires the players to be athletic. Unfortunately, even tennis couldn’t stop the duo get tagged as manly.

the willaim sisters, tennis match (1)


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