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Whether they are aware of the language or not, these actresses can offer tough competition to the native-speaking ones, be it dancing to Bollywood songs or deliver amazing dialogues on screen. With their aura and emotions, they never fail to express themselves.

Give this a read where we will disclose the names of such celebrities who couldn’t speak Hindi intelligibly but are still hugely popular in the industry.

Katrina Kaif

8 Bollywood Actresses who keep failing at speaking Hindi, catch details
Credits: Filmfare

With a stunning body and killer looks, Katrina Kaif had already established a name in Bollywood. She has appeared with every A-list actor in Bollywood and given top dance performances in every movie.

However, in real life, she cannot properly even utter a single Hindi phrase. At times, her facial expressions and words do not correspond on screen. She got her start in the industry when she debuted alongside Salman Khan and was also rumoured to be in a relationship with him.

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Nargis Fakhri

Another well-known Bollywood actress who came to prominence after ‘Rockstar’ was Nargis who is a live demonstration on how obsessed Bollywood is with these foreign actresses. She barely speaks Hindi yet directors and producers are swooping in to cast her in their films.

Sunny Leone
8 Bollywood Actresses who keep failing at speaking Hindi, catch details
Credits: Google

Sunny hails from the adult industry and has relatively taken bollywood by surprise with her dancing abilities. After quitting the porn show, she has wowed her fans with her steamy Bollywood appearances. Although she has done two or three hit films, like other actresses, does not speak hindi fluently.

Elli Avram
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Elli AvrRam. Credits: Google

Ex Bigg Boss contestant and Salman Khan crush Elli was one of the most popular contestants of season 7 and later appeared in two or three films. She too, like the rest, can utter two or three Hindi words.

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Lisa Haydon

We all know Lisa from ‘Queen’ where she gave an astounding performance. Lisa has been travelling since she was born, yet to a malayali father and an australian mother. She can speak Hindi however struggles with it too sometimes, which was very evident when she appeared on Kapil Sharma’s show.

Amy Jackson

The actress starred in several successful South and Bollywood films, is unable to communicate in Hindi. She was most recently seen alongside Akshay Kumar in ‘Singh is Bling’ and reported that her co-star ( Akshay ) helped her a lot in crossing the language barrier. However, all of her liners were dubbed.

Jacqueline Fernandes
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Jacqueline Fernandez. Credits: Google

Jacqueline made her Bollywood Debut with Emraan Hashmi in the psychological thriller, ‘Murder 2’ and made a name for herself in Bollywood by appearing in several hit films such as ‘Houseful 3’ and ‘Brothers’ despite her struggles with the language.

Claudia Ciesla 

The ex-Bollywood contestant from Poland Claudia rose to fame after Big Boss and later appeared in several Bollywood films, including ‘Khiladi 786’ as well as few cameos. The actress cannot even frame two words together, let alone brush up on her Hindi.


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