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Rumours are everywhere. If you are a celebrity, there will be surrounding you till the end of your stardom. Fame comes with a price tag and for Bollywood celebrities, these ridiculous rumours are the price they pay. Many Bollywood stars from Shah Rukh Khan to Kareena Kapoor Khan have been subjected to many bizarre rumours throughout their careers. While most of them are bizarre, some of them are utterly disgraceful and unbelievable.

Scroll down to read some WTF rumours about Bollywood celebrities that will fry your brains.

1. Shah Rukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra are married secretly

There were rumours going around back when Don was released that Priyanka Chopra and Shah Rukh Khan have hots for each other. However, these rumours were taken to another level when a report surfaced that the duo got married secretly without the knowledge of SRK’s wife Gauri Khan. Is this rumour even 1 per cent believable? What were the tabloids thinking!

Priyanka Chopra Shah Rukh Khan Affair

2. Katrina Kaif is living in India with a fake identity

While it is true that Katrina Kaif’s real surname is Turquotte, rumour mill was churning that Kat is living in India with a FAKE passport. To add to this, there were also reports that Katrina and Salman Khan are going to tie the knot soon. Well, that didn’t happen anyway, did it?

Katrina Kaif wax statue

3. Priyanka Chopra had multiple plastic surgeries

Well, can’t say it is false entirely. Priyanka Chopra did go under the knife for a nose job. But it would be wrong to say that she has undergone multiple plastic surgeries to look beautiful. PeeCee is naturally beautiful, although she opted for cosmetic surgeries to look more beautiful.

Priyanka Chopra plastic surgeries

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4. Sonakshi Sinha is not the real daughter of Poonam Sinha

Due to the uncanny resemblance of Sonakshi Sinha with yesteryear actress Reena Roy, many believed that the Dabangg actress was Shatrughn Sinha’s daughter from Reena. Poonam Sinha has dismissed these reports, touting them to be utmost rubbish.

Sonakshi Sinha Reena Roy similarity

5. Karan Johar was in a romantic relationship with Sidharth Malhotra

This is as absurd as it gets. There were media reports saying that Karan Johar is in love with Sidharth Malhotra. The rumours probably sparked because it was Karan who launched Sid in his 2012 movie Student of the Year. Sidharth was struggling to get roles in Bollywood films prior to that.

Karan Johar Sidharth Malhotra relationship

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6. Kajol and Ajay Devgn are separated

Ajay Devgn is not like most of his contemporaries who are very vocal about his love life on social media. He, in fact, is very introvert and shy. Kajol has time and again revealed how her husband is a man of few words. But media has taken this a proof of something absurd as this rumour.

According to some media reports Ajay Devgn and Kangana Ranaut had an affair which led to Kajol and him living separate lives!

ajay devgn kajol love story
Ajay Devgn/Instagram

7. Kareena Kapoor Khan got pregnant during her school days

Rumours can really get dirty and ridiculous sometimes. Kareena Kapoor Khan has always enjoyed natural beauty inherited from her lineage of Kapoor family. Probably owing to her popularity, a rumour was sparked that she got pregnant while she was in her 9th grade. Obviously, the rumour is just rumour.

Kareena Kapoor pregnant during school days

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8. Kangana Ranaut performed black magic on her ex-boyfriend Adhyayan Suman

Another bizarre rumour that was started by Adhyayan Suman himself is that Kangana Ranaut used her ‘period blood’ to do black magic on him. This went viral when Kangana and Hrithik Roshan were having a dirty legal battle for calling out on each other in interviews. Adhyayan Suman offered his two cents on the matter and claimed that the actress ruined her career by using witchcraft.

Kangana Ranaut Adhyayan Suman

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