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Let’s have a look at 9 such stars:

1. O.P. Nayyar

Intoxication does take everything and everyone away from you, and the example of O.P. Nayyar is one of the best ones. He had an addiction to liquor and had abandoned his family relations. Providing some really good tunes to the music industry, he turned out to be someone who needed cash and alcohol in exchange of interviews that people approached for. He had to face some of the worst days before his death.

O.P. Nayyar bollywood rich to rags

2. Achala Sachdev

This woman was abandoned by her son and her daughter, and this brought her to a terrifying death that no one would want for themselves. She was once a huge sensation in all the places and was known as Zohrajabeen of Balraj Sahni. She was admitted in a hospital in Pune, and there she struggled and then, ultimately disappeared into the sun, and the sad part is, there was no one from her family during her last breath.

Achala Sachdev actress rich to rags
India TV

3. Parveen Babi

Parveen Babi was a lovely, bold, beautiful and charming actress who took the industry by a storm, but she was surprisingly found dead in her flat at Mumbai on January 22, 2005. A psychological ailment is to be blamed, and she had ceased all of her connections from the industry. When no one came forward to even claim the body for more than 2 days, it was ultimately Mahesh Bhatt, who took the responsibility to perform the last rituals to give her soul the peace it deserved.

Celebrities that became poor from rich - Parveen Babi

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4. Meena Kumari

Meena Kumari had made one bad choice and faced the hardest consequences that caused her death. She was entitled with the title of The Tragedy Queen in the Indian Film Industry, but the ironical part is, she actually had to meet a tragic end. She was the first choice of many men in the industry then but she had decided to marry the love of her life, Kamal Amrohi, and this turned out to be the most awful decision because she got too dependent on liquor and then she died.

Meena Kumari Tragedy Queen

5. Raj Kiran

It was in 2010 when Raj Kiran was found in an insane state in the psychological facility, a mental asylum in Atlanta. People had assumed that the star was dead and thus, had disappeared from the industry, but in the movie Karz, Rishi Kapoor, who was a co-star in the same movie became worried and hence looked for him and found him.

Raj Kiran Actor Poor

6. Mitali Sharma

A very popular Bhojpuri actress, Mitali has seen the brightest days in her career as a Bhojpuri actress but was recently found begging in the streets of Mumbai. Not just this, she had got herself in trouble when two female police officers had found her trying to commit a theft. She had to hit the officers to escape from the scene and then flee. She used to receive the top-class movies, but she stopped receiving offers and since then, she is into severe depression.

Mitali Sharma

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7. Bhagwan Dada

A man who owned a number of expensive cars and bungalows died in a messed up and filthy slum in Mumbai, a place of common laborers. He lost everything after his movies like Jhamela and Labela had flopped. He came to the streets despite having earned everything.

Bhagwan Abaji Palav death

8. Bharat Bhushan

Giving the best portrayal of serious roles in the industry, he was a standout. His affair with Meena Kumari and extravagant habits took everything from him. He eventually stopped getting offers and then he used to work as a gatekeeper in a film studio to keep his body and soul together. Moreover, he died in a flat that he had rented.

Bharat Bhushan Tragedy

9. Geetanjali Nagpal

A famous model, who was the first choice of the fashion designers to show their designs with a ramp walk. But she got addicted to drugs and other medications because of which she lost everything. She had to start begging on the streets of South Delhi and also work as a maid to fulfill her requirements.

Geetanjali Nagpal model to beggar
Bollywood List/YouTube

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