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In our country, there are quite a lot of nonsensical, retrogressive and unethical practices which we are following for ages and can you guess what’s the one sole reason which never lets us get over these things? The word “Culture” or “Tradition”, which are often misused to the greatest of effects.

We currently live in a country that intends to go up and above in every walk of life, but many “Cultures” or “Traditions” are halting progress. It might as well seem incredibly difficult to bring about an end to these customs which are of no use to the country, but it’s definitely not impossible.

We can’t expect to change things overnight, we have to do it brick by brick and results can be expected only in the long run. But for the betterment of the country, it’s imperative we start teaching the kids of this generation to move in the right direction, a way that has no religious, cultural, racial or gender barriers, a way which highlights the importance of equality and a way which would take us to our desired destination, an “Incredible India”.

Case in point, celebrities often hog the limelight for all the right and wrong reasons. They often came under fire for their way of dressing and they have been shamed mercilessly on social media. In this article, we will see female celebrities who have been targeted for their clothes.

Disha Patani

There is no hiding from the fact that Disha Patani is the hottest diva in the Bollywood film industry. She has a beautiful smile, possesses a good physique and body. To put it in simple terms, the Malang actress is one of the sexiest actresses.

List of Female Celebs who got trolled for their weird outfit choices
Disha Patani. Credits: New Indian Express

Despite being a top hot model, she couldn’t carve out a reputation for herself as a successful actress in the Bollywood film industry. However, the doesn’t change the fact that she has already established herself as the sexiest model in Asia.

One of the most aspiring actresses of the Bollywood Industry, Disha Patani is quite active across all official social account platforms. The gorgeous actress has often hit the headlines for her quirky dressing style which grabbed people’s attention on social media.

Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor was embarrassed by netizens on social media for exposing too much in gorgeous black jumpsuits with ruffle detailing by a Russian designer.

List of Female Celebs who got trolled for their weird outfit choices
Sonam Kapoor. Credits: Bombay Times

She has often been trolled by many netizens for her flat chest and to which she gave a bold response. She said: “My ts and as are not very nice.” She had also admitted that she does not have a bikini body.

During an interview with a Fashion magazine, Sonam Kapoor said: “Indian men don’t understand fashion unless they are gay.”

Nia Sharma

B-Town Celebs made bold statements but got Trolled for their weird outfits

Nia Sharma who is the third sexiest Asian woman was shamed mercilessly by netizens for her bold pictures on social media. However, she was least bothered about others and the body lady posted another pic in a similar dress and gave it back to her trolls and critics.

Sonarika Bhadoria

Credits: Sonarika Bhadoria/Instagram

Sonarika Bhadoria shot into prominence for playing Indian Goddess Parvati in a TV show. Her acting was so good that she even convinced her fans that she is a pious god lady. Following her exit, she had posted a bold picture of herself in bikini on social media which irked her fans and followers.

Fatima Sana Shaikh

Credits: Fatima Sana Shaikh/Instagram

Fatima Sana Shaikh rose to fame for playing one of the lead characters in the blockbuster movie ‘Dangal’. She is well-known for her works in Hindi-language cinema and television. She also appeared as a child artist in movies like Chachi 420 and One 2 Ka 4.

The Dangal girl was on the receiving end of trolls and abuses more than once. She always came under fire for her style of dress by the religious preachers. She was also trolled for wearing western attire during Ramzan.

Aneri Vajani

B-Town Celebs made bold statements but got Trolled for their weird outfits

Aneri Vajani shot into fame for Jennifer Winget starrer Beyhadh. She was also roasted by small-minded people for being too skinny. She was targeted for wearing a bikini in her social media post.

Despite being trolled mercilessly by netizens, she didn’t remove her image and then told them openly that she will wear whatever she wishes to wear.

Ankita Lokhande

Credits: Ankita Lokhande/Instagram

Ankita Lokhande was shamed on the internet for donning ‘western dresses’. The Pavitra Rishta actress had played the role of a coy Indian woman in a daily soap Pavitra Rishta.

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra carved out a niche for herself as one of the most prominent celebrities in the Bollywood industry and is in fact, popular across the world too. Priyanka hogged the limelight when she became the Miss World in 2000 for her beauty, hard work, grit, dedication and capability.

Priyanka Chopra always wants herself to be called as ‘People’s Princess’. She ranked in 72 of the 100 most beautiful faces in the year 2012. Other than doing her profession, she is more into reading, writing poetry, and dancing to Indian music.

Even as she started her career as an actress in 2000, she once aspired to become a software engineer or a criminal psychologist at the end of Grade 10. Her debut in Indian film was in 2003, in the film “The Hero”. Priyanka Chopra is also labelled as a philanthropist and is widely recognized for her work in the environment, women’s rights, or education.

She is famous in the USA because she appeared in American Television Series – Quantico, a thriller drama series. Besides being a good actress in the shooting sets, she is known for singing songs as well. The ones that caught attention were In My City ft, Will.I.am Exotic ft, Pitbull -I can’t make you love me.

Priyanka got engaged to her boyfriend American Singer Nick Jonas, on her 36th birthday (July 18). The power couple then got married on December 1. In case if you didn’t know, PeeCee is 10 years elder than Nick who is 26-years old. Nick is a famous American singer, songwriter, actor, and record producer.

Case in point, there have been many situations where an actor or an actress gets brutally trolled over the Internet. Be it fashion choices, opinions, typos, bold statements and so on.

Priyanka was recently trolled for donning a plunge neck gown to an international award ceremony. Nonetheless, the actress was least bothered about the trolls. Check out the picture below:-

B-Town Celebs made bold statements but got Trolled for their weird outfits

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