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Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Ki (CKMDK) upcoming story :

In the upcoming episode of Chiku Ki Mummy Door Ki, the cops will illuminate Joshi family that Chikoo's folks kicked the bucket in an auto crash.

However Chikoo's maternal grandma is as yet alive and will need to take Chikoo back with her.

The current story of the serial CKMDK spins around Chikoo denying to sign the reception papers.

Chikoo wishes to live with her blood family.

To satisfy Chikoo's desire, Milind and Nupur take the cop's assistance to observe Chikoo's folks.

Further on, Kamini, with the assistance of Payal, will establish Chikoo's phony grandma, who really needs to hurt Chikoo.

According to the tattles of the Chiku Ki Mummy Door Ki serial, Chikoo will deny going with her grandma.

Then again, Nupur will attempt to persuade Chikoo to acknowledge reality, as indicated by the spoilers of Chikoo ki Mummy.

Allow us to check whether Chikoo will prevail with regards to getting away from the phony grandma or need to take off from Joshi's home in the upcoming bits of the serial Chiku Ki Mummy Durr Ki.

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