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There was a time when Bollywood actress Karishma Kapoor was at the pinnacle of her career in the Bollywood industry. Having starred in films such as Coolie No. 1, Dil To Pagal Hai, Raja Hindustani, Biwi No. 1, and Hero No. 1, which are both memorable and commercially successful, she proved her abilities and skills every time.

However, when she married Indian businessman Sunjay Kapur at the peak of her career, the actress opted to take a break from acting. But things did not go as planned for the celebrity, who began experiencing problems with Sunjay shortly after their marriage, and some of the details are rather alarming.

Another fairytale marriage turned into a nightmare

Karishma Kapoor married businessman Sunjay Kapur in 2003, after her breakup with Abhishek Bachchan. Karishma was Sunjay’s second wife.

karisma kapoor sunjay kapur marriage

Even though it was a love marriage, Karishma has had a lot of problems since the beginning of her marriage.

According to sources, Karishma was subjected to a great deal of domestic violence by both Sunjay and his mother. According to Jagran, Karishma revealed that her life changed drastically once she got married since she faced major problems on a daily basis.

When asked about her worst memory from the marriage, which ended in 2016, Karishma stated that Sunjay tried to sell her on their honeymoon.

Yes, you read that correctly. Reading through everything, it appears to be awful. Imagine what she must have gone through.

Sunjay began torturing Karishma as soon as they married, and on their honeymoon, he tried to force her to sleep with his friends, according to Karishma. When Karishma refused, Sunjay beat her up and went so far as to quote her price to one of his friends. Things didn’t end there, though.

Karishma Kapoor’s husband, Sunjay Kapur, had a physical relationship with his first wife even after he was married to Karishma, according to Karishma Kapoor. He and she were also living together. He assaulted Karishma when she questioned him.

sunjay kapur karisma kapoor

During her pregnancy, Karishma Kapoor also had to deal with a lot of stress

Her mother-in-law had given her a dress when she was pregnant, which she was unable to wear due to her pregnancy. Rather than buying a new dress, her mother-in-law and Sunjay, on the other hand, physically abused her. Sunjay, shockingly, also slapped her.

According to sources, things had become so terrible that Karishma decided to stop the suffering and moved away from Sunjay with her children in 2012. She then filed for divorce from him and eventually divorced him after a 13-year disastrous marriage.

From her ex-husband, Sunjay Kapur, Karishma has two children: Samiera Kapoor Kiaan Raj Kapoor.

karisma kapoor children - Samiera Kapoor Kiaan Raj Kapoor

The two had a lengthy and nasty custody dispute in family court over their two children, Kiaan and Samaira. Their divorce battle grew thornier by the day, and Karishma eventually obtained custody. Many allegations were made, including Karishma Kapoor’s claim that her ex-husband was living with his girlfriend, Priya Sachdev, who is a significant point of conflict between the ex-couple.

Priya Chatwal is a model-turned-entrepreneur and the ex-wife of Vikram Chatwal, an NRI and successful hotelier. Safira is her daughter’s name, whom she had with her first husband.

Sunjay, Priya, and Priya’s daughter Safira routinely travel to exotic locations for vacations, and they even share glimpses of their trips on Instagram. Such blasphemy and audacity are unbearable to her. It’s all about self-respect, and Karishma has enough of it.

Priya Chatwal sunjay kapur

After her divorce, Karishma lost trust in marriage and wanted to devote her entire life to her lovely children. Sunjay’s children also attended his third wedding to Priya Sachdev.

Karishma had a lot to go through. Many blessings to her, and I hope she is having a happier life now.

Karisma Kapoor
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