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The decade of the 1990s has left such an indelible impression on us, and many people find the Bollywood films of the 1990s to be nostalgic. Any of the actors and actresses were well-known at the time, and their impeccable acting talents continue to captivate audiences today. Although some of the actors’ talents have faded, they can still be seen in films.

Kumar Gaurav

Kumar Gaurav appeared in a number of famous films during the 1990s including Love Story, Teri Kasam and Naam. He is now a wealthy businessman who has retired from acting.

Madhoo Shah

Madhoo Shah is a well-known actress who has appeared in Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, Kannada, and Malayalam films. In 1991, she starred in a string of successful Hindi, Tamil, and Malayalam films.

She was nominated for a Filmfare award for best Tamil actress in 1992 for her role as the lead actress in the superhit Tamil film Roja. Her most recent Bollywood film was released in 2011.

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List of forgotten Bollywood actors from the 1990s every cinephile must know about

Rambha, aka Vijayalakshmi Yeedi, has appeared in a number of Indian films, including Hindi movies. Her Bollywood career began in 1995 with the film Jallad. She appeared in several famous Bollywood films until 2004, including Beti No. 1, Gharwali Baharwali, Payar Diwana Hota Hai, and others.

Following her marriage to a Canadian businessman, she left the industry. The couple is now based in Toronto. Her most latest movie was a Malayalam film that she appeared in 2011.

Fardeen Khan

The late actor and director Feroz Khan’s son was once a teen heartthrob in India. In 1990, he won the Filmfare award for his film Prem Aggan, which he directed in 1998. Jungle, Pyar Tune Kya Kiya, Fida, Heyy Babyy, Prem Aggan, among many others are among his most well-known films. He hasn’t been in a film in ten years and was in the news in 2001 for a drug-related conviction.

Vivek Mushran

List of forgotten Bollywood actors from the 1990s every cinephile must know about

After his breakthrough in the 1991 film Saudagar, this Bollywood star had a huge following. Following its release, he starred in films such as Seventh Akash, Ram Jaane, and others. Vivek now works as a character actor in films.

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Ayesha Jhulka

The gorgeous actress from ‘Pehla Nasha’ starred in many Bollywood films, including Khiladi and Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikandar. She hasn’t been seen on the big screen in a while and is now married to Sameer Vashi, who runs a construction business.

Rahul Roy

Rahul Roy played the lead role in Mahesh Bhatt Productions’ 1990 hit film Aashiqui. Following Aashiqui, he starred in a few more films, but he struggled to make an impact on viewers and eventually dropped out of the industry.

In Bigg Boss 2007, his performance was outstanding. In the year 2020, he also appeared as a special guest on the Kapil Sharma Show.

Deepa Sahi

List of forgotten Bollywood actors from the 1990s every cinephile must know about

Deepa Sahi is best known for her performance in Maya Memsahab, in which she co-starred with Shah Rukh Khan. She was last seen in the 2015 film Manjhi-The Mountain Man. She portrayed Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in this film.

Anu Aggarwal

Anu Aggarwal made her big-screen debut with Aashiqui but was involved in a major car crash in 1999. She was in a coma for about 29 days after the crash and suffered from memory loss. Following the incident, she was forced to leave Bollywood.

Neelam Kothari

Neelam’s film career began in 1984 with her debut in Jawaani. She appeared in a number of famous films since her debut. Kasam, her most recent film, was released in 2001. After leaving the film industry, she began designing jewellery and opened her own jewellery store in Mumbai in 2011.

Shilpa Shirodkar

From 1989 to 2000, this well-known actress ruled over Bollywood films. She made a comeback in 2013 with the Zee TV series Ek Mutthi Aasmaan.

Rajeshwari Loomba

The 43-year-old actress starred in a number of Bollywood films from 1993 to 2003. She has anchored a number of news programmes. In 2011, she was also a contestant on Bigg Boss 5. She is currently based in London, where she is married to Sudhanshu Swaroop, a human rights lawyer.

Avinash Wadhawan

Abhinash was a well-known actor in the 1990s who acted in various Bollywood films. However, he struggled to make an impression in Bollywood and faded from the industry.

Arvind Swamy

List of forgotten Bollywood actors from the 1990s every cinephile must know about

After her roles in Roja and Bombay, the Tamil star made a name for herself in Bollywood. After a big crash that resulted in a back fracture, he walked away from the movie spotlight.

He made a grand comeback in the Kollywood industry by featuring as a villain in “Thani Oruvan” movie, in what turned out to be a blockbuster. He was well received by the audience for his role.

Kimi Katkar

From the 1980s to the 1990s, Kimi Katkar worked in the Hindi film industry. After her marriage, she bid her farewell to the movies.

Mamta Kulkarni

List of forgotten Bollywood actors from the 1990s every cinephile must know about

Mamta, one of the boldest actresses of her time and starred in a number of popular Hindi films opposite to the three Khans. She was in love with Vickey Goswami, a drug dealer, and had left Hindi films behind when she moved to Dubai.

Mamta was accused of drug trafficking 2000 crores drug substance on air space along with her husband Vicky Goswami. They were caught in Dubai airport and were subjected to trial.

Sumeet Saigal

From 1987 to 1995, Sumeet Saigal worked in Bollywood. Sumit had appeared in over thirty films during this brief time. He has since left Bollywood and is now the owner of a dubbing firm.


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