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Love is probably the most beautiful thing you will ever experience. It brightens the life of those who feel it. With love, there comes a beautiful bond that people tie, called marriage. Bollywood is not a place where secrets can be kept, and we have known since long that Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh have had a thing for each other. And now we got the news of their wedding. The couple has decided to get married on the 14th and 15th of November, this year.

It is quite worthy to have a look at the love story of the two lovebirds. From their first meeting to their first movie together to their wedding announcement, there is a lot of things that happened. Both of them are an absolute favorite of the audiences. Their movies like Padmaavat, Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela, etc. have all been super blockbuster successes.

Ranveer Singh Deepika Padukone Love Story

The first meet, sets of ‘Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela’

Two extremely talented actors were acting in the same movie for the first time, each having the greatest charms and aura. Their first meet had both of them star struck. The handsome, tall, well build and overly talented Ranveer Singh, and the beautiful, goddess-like, and bold Deepika Padukone, had begun to feel for each other.

How Ranveer met Deepika

Ranveer and Deepika indeed started liking each other as the sparks flew. They felt really shy while talking about it, so they thought to keep things between them private, for their lives were public. Being an actor is not that easy, you see. Ranveer and Deepika had to shoot for so many movies and thus, they had to stay away from their homes and also from each other for a long time. But, their love for each other could not really let them stay apart for long, so they visited each other’s places frequently.

Ranveer Deepika Love Life
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The eye-catching love at the public events

They were really into each other and we can tell by the way they have talked about and felt for each other. At the Zee Cine Awards, in 2014, Ranveer and Deepika delivered their first performance together, on their greatest hit. While performing, their happiness immediately caught attention and became the talk of the town. Everyone loved seeing them together. With beautiful emotions, Ranveer, whenever asked about Deepika, would always appreciate her of her work, talent, and personality and would also talk about his fondness of Deepika. Deepika would do the same for Ranveer.

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone Relationship
Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone perform at the Zee Cine Awards, 2014 pinkvilla

Still insecure about their relationship being perceived by the people, these two lovebirds thought of keeping all the matters private. Well, maybe Ranveer could not keep his love for Deepika hidden from the world at all. In December of 2014, Ranveer posted a photo of him and Deepika from the scenes of their first movie, Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela, and captioned it, “Don’t we look great together?” on Instagram, like a throwback. Their love was then speculated and was known to everyone then and Deepika would only blush while looking at the photo, thinking of a yes in her mind.

Ranveer Deepika Love Story
Ranveer Singh/Instagram

The proposal, when Ranveer serenaded

The IIFA Awards are the event of the Bollywood movies that no one wants to miss. It was 2015 when Deepika and Ranveer were on stage, and they made the moment to be remembered for all time. Ranveer had planned everything already, and at the very moment, got down on one knee, and serenaded the song from their first movie, Raam Chahe Leela on stage for Deepika and proposed her. Since then, they have always been open about their love, because why not? Once, in a party, Ranveer saw Deepika leaving with Karan Johar, so he followed them with a rose in his hands to offer her as a sweet gesture.

Ranveer propose Deepika

It was a press conference at the IIFA, 2016, Ranveer could not help but stare constantly at Deepika wondering what an amazing human being she is. Until then, they had not things official. But, at the Ambani’s bash late, Ranveer escorted the love of his life, Deepika with hand in hand. This embraced that their feelings were mutual. This made their beautiful relationship official.

Deepika Ranveer PDA
Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh at the Ambani residence for a wedding. Pinterest

The unconditional love and support

Deepika, who is undoubtedly talented, began to try her luck out in Hollywood, and she starred alongside Vin Diesel, in ‘xXx: Return of Xander Cage’, and absolutely nailed it. Ranveer helped and supported Deepika in every phase of her life as a good dutiful partner should do. He gave her moral support during the release of the movie in Mumbai. Deepika was very bestowed by him, and his magnanimous nature. She is thankful to Ranveer for standing by her side always.

Deepika Ranveer Couple

Ranveer and Deepika acted together in yet another movie, named Padmaavat, which had to go under a huge controversy all over India, bringing the life of Deepika and Ranveer in danger. Ranveer and Deepika had each other’s support all the time which only made their relationship grow stronger with each passing day.

Ranveer Deepika Relationship
Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh at the ‘xXx’ release party. vogue

The wedding announcement

On October 21, 2018, Ranveer and Deepika took to social media to announce their wedding, which is scheduled to take place on 14th and 15th of November. The couple is extremely happy with their relationship and looks quite excited to take their relationship to another level.

Ranveer Deepika Wedding Announcment
Deepika Padukone/Instagram

The grand ceremony

Since the time the couple announced their wedding, the nation’s eyes have been pinned on it. The superstar couple tied the knot in two equally amazing and resplendent Konkani and Sindhi wedding ceremonies at Lake Como, Italy at the gorgeous Villa del Balbianello resort. The resort is quite a sight for sore eyes with its stunning interiors that is surrounded by a serene lake and lush green mountains that looks no less than a fairytale.

deepika ranveer wedding

There were a lot of traditional rituals that included the Mehendi, the sangeet, the Nandi Pooja and the Haldi ceremonies. As Deepika is a South Indian so a South Indian wedding was planned for November 14, complete with Kannadiga rituals. And Ranveer being Sindhi-Punjabi so November 15 was the day when the beautiful couple solemnized their relationship as per the customs of a North Indian wedding (Anand Karaj).

deepika ranveer Marriage

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