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Actor Sanjay Mishra is probably one of the most loved and looked upon actors when it comes to side roles in Bollywood. He is very famous for his comedic skills and is mostly seen in doing films with a comic genre in films.

To start with he was born in 1963 and his career in Bollywood started in 1995. The first film he ever acted in was Oh Darling! Yeh Hai India!

He was born and brought up in Bihar from a lower-middle-class family. His life was full of ups and downs, where sometimes he had to struggle in the worst way possible. He is still an evergreen actor in Bollywood and audiences never really got enough of him.

Sanjay Mishra Family
Sanjay Mishra with his brothers Sumit (left) and Amit (right), and mother Meera. hindustantimes

His career in Bollywood is revolving over 25 years now. As mentioned previously he is mostly seen in comedy films, but he has also played roles where the audiences were left teary-eyed because of the way he carried the role out with his brilliance in acting.

From acting in Golmaal Again, God Tussi Great Ho to Masaan, Sanjay Mishra has never disappointed people. His appearance during the cricket World Cup 1999, in Apple Singh commercials for ESPN Star Sports became a hit.

Sanjay Mishra Young

Do you know Sanjay Mishra is a NSD graduate?

Irrfan Khan was in his final year when he left a deep impact on Sanjay Mishra with his scting. Tigmanshu Dhulia offered him a show who was his batch mate at National School Of Drama. Mishra told Rediff,

“Between 1991 and 1999, I tried my hand at everything — from lighting to art direction to camerawork. I also did photography and earned some money. I lived on vada pav. If I missed home, I would go to Andheri (north Mumbai suburb, home to many television and film actors) station, where the Delhi-bound Rajdhani train would pass, and cry (Mishra’s parents were living in Delhi at the time).”

Sanjay Mishra NSD

When it comes to the struggles Sanjay Mishra went through, there were times the actor had to work in a Dhaba for a mere salary of Rupees 150.

When Sanjay was shooting for Office Office he went through a lot of medical difficulties. He fell very ill during the shoot and had to be hospitalized, during the surgery 15 liters of pus was removed from his stomach.

As he was healing from the surgery, another shock that came his way was his father suddenly passing away. The news came out as such a shock to him that he couldn’t even return to Mumbai and continue his tenure in Bollywood.

After this incident happened he initially decided to cut off all his ties with Bollywood. He went aloof for a while and shifted to Rishikesh where he worked and used to make omelets. Though he was so popular in Bollywood the owners couldn’t recognize him. After a while, some visitors to the restaurant recognized him and started taking pictures with him. Mishra said,

“I was shattered,” Mishra says. “I could not go back to Mumbai. I wanted to be alone, so I went to Rishikesh and started working in a dhaba, making omelettes. The Sardar who owned the dhaba did not recognise me. But costumers would see me and ask, “Golmaal mein aap hi the na (Weren’t you in Golmaal)?” Then, they would want a photograph with me. Finally, the Sardar asked me who I was. Someone had told him I was an actor.”

Sanjay Mishra worked at dhaba

It was Rohit Shetty who made Sanjay to come back to Bollywood and continue with his acting

Though Sanjay wasn’t ready to come back it was Rohit Shetty who made him to return with All The Best. His performance used to make us all laugh and used to make our sad days better. But little did we know he was still fighting the loss of his father from the inside, after shoots he used to go to his vanity and cry out cause he lost his father.

Interesting Facts About Sanjay Mishra

His first marriage failed

Though Sanjay was quite unsure about getting married again after his first failed marriage, it was his mother who pushed him. Currently he is married to Kiran Mishra and is the dad to Pal and Lamha Mishra.

Sanjay Mishra Daughter

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