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You may have heard many tales of divorce in the world of celebrities. The alluring, marvelous and big life includes some significant pitfalls. Various Celebrity Couples, who were once head over heels in love and bound by blessed marriage, separated.

1. Ali Merchant And Sara Khan – 2 Months


TV Actress Sarah Khan married Ali Merchant during the end of 2010 at the TV reality show ‘Big Boss’. But after 2 months, this marriage began to look like a horrific accident. In 2011 both of them got divorced. Ali said that this marriage was the biggest mistake of his life.

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2. Mandana Karimi And Gaurav Gupta – 6 Months


‘Bigg Boss’ Fame Actress Mandana Karimi married Bijayasman Gaurav Gupta on January 25, 2017. But after six months, their relationship came to an end. Mandana filed a case of domestic violence against husband and in-laws. They also accused of trying to forcibly convert religion. Modesty said that the in-laws were not happy with their profession.


3. Bharat Narasinghani And Chahat Khanna  – 8 Months


Another case of Celebrity Couples divorce is of Chahat Khanna and Bharat. After 8 months, in 2007, Wish also filed a divorce application. They accused the husband of domestic violence and assault. Both were also in the 5-year relationship before marriage.


4. Karan Singh Grover And Shraddha Nigam – 10 Months


Before entering the cinema world, Karan was the world’s most popular star of TV. He married his longtime Girlfriend Shraddha Nigam. But this relationship could last for 10 months.


5. Pulkit Samrat And Shweta Rohira  – 12 Months


Bollywood actor Pulkit Samrat married Salman Khan’s sister-in-law Shweta in November 2014. But after 11 months, the relationship between the two got spoiled. The news came that it was due to the rising proximity of Pulkit and his co-star Yami Gautam. In the meanwhile, Shweta’s abortion was also done in 2015. Sadly, when all this happened, Pulkit was not even with Shweta. So the marriage was broken.

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6. Karan Singh Gill And Mallika Sherawat – 12 Months


However, Mallika never admitted that she was married before moving into the industry. But even his relatives confirmed that Mallika was married to pilot Karan Singh Gill. Mallika wanted to focus on acting and modeling careers. There was a dispute between husband and wife in this matter and in 12 months both of them got divorced.

7. Mukesh Agrawal And Rekha – 12 Months


Bollywood’s ‘Timeless Beauty’ married Delhi’s businessman Mukesh Agrawal in 1990. A few months later, Mukesh started living in depression. In 1991, he committed suicide. Mukesh wrote in the suicide note that he does not want to blame anyone for his death. In this way, this relationship ended in 12 months.


8. Kishore Kumar And Yogita Bali – 24 Months


Veteran Bollywood singer Kishore Kumar has married many weddings. He made Yogita Bali the third wife in 1976. But after two years there was a separation between the two relationships. It is said that it was so that Yogita was engaged to Mithun Chakraborty. Yogita later married Gemini too.


9. Samrat Dahal And Manisha Koirala – 24 Months


Manisha Koirala married in 2010 in the Kathmandu with Businessman Emperor Dahal. Only a few days after the marriage, news of the quarrel started to arrive. Manisha once wrote on Facebook, “My husband is my biggest enemy.” Both of them divorced in 2012.


10. Karan Singh Grover And Jennifer Winget – 24 Months


During the TV serial ‘Dil Mil Gaya’ Karan and Jennifer got hearty. Both of them got married on April 9, 2012. Within two years Karan’s heart came on his co-star Bipasha Basu in ‘Alone’ movie. Journeys between Jennifer and Karan got separated Two years later both of them got divorced. Karan again married Bipasha Basu for the third time in 2016. There has always been a very high rate of Celebrity Couples getting a divorce.


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