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1. Sonakshi Sinha: You would really stunned if you saw the before and after pictures of this Bollywood actress. Before her blockbuster debut film in “Dabang”, she had to lose about 30 kilos and look appropriate for her onscreen role. Sonkashi’s weight loss journey is totally an inspiration for all girls out there. Though, we rarely spot her doing glamorous roles, she stunned everyone in the recently-released movie “Total Dhamaal,” with her item song “Mungada! It is hard to deny how hot she looks. Her figure and charm can is truly enviable.

2. Arjun Kapoor: Arjun Kapoor had to totally undergo a  who suffered from tremendous overweight problems before joining Bollywood. He weighed about 140 kilos before making his debut in B-town. It took around 4 years to lose 50 kgs of weight. The duration was this long because he never indulged in crash diets and strictly followed a healthy lifestyle. He took guidance from the fittest actor of Bollywood, Salman khan. In addition to following a healthy diet, he does crossfit every day for 20 minutes that helped him burn those stubborn fat slowly and steadily. Before his remarkable debut in the movie “Ishqzaade” opposite Parineeti Chopra, Arjun shed all of this stubborn weight and appeared completely fit for onscreen roles.

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3. Sonam Kapoor: She is the style icon of India and the daughter of Bollywood’s evergreen star, Anil Kapoor. This diva who hogs the limelight for her fashion statements and slender figure had to work really hard to get here. In fact, Sonam Kapoor was extremely bulky in her teenage years and weighed about 86 kilos. Before she stepped into Bollywood, she did immense hard work to get rid of those extra kilos. Her style statements were also that not pronounced in her pre-Bollywood days. The diva lost about 30 kilos before she signed off her first venture into the Bollywood with the film ‘Saawariya.’ This was the film where Sonam portrayed a sensual self and looked really appealing. Since then till today, she has never looked back. Being a diabetes patient, she has been extremely careful about her diet plans and workout routine. She follows a strict low carb and high protein diet which is taken in five smaller meals throughout the day. She doesn’t have any cheat days and munches on banana milkshakes and dry fruits whenever she feels hungry. She also practices swimming and dancing along with other strength training exercises. Rightly called the “style icon” of Bollywood, this woman’s red carpet looks are to die for. Our darling Sonam Kapoor surely deserves the top position in this list due to her immense hard work in turning from extremely fat to fit.

4. Bhumi Pednekar: This Bollywood actress made her debut as a healthy woman in “Dum Laga ke Haishah.” She had serious weight issues and ate controlled diet and did extensive workouts to achieve that slim and svelte figure post the release of the movie. She lost about 21 kgs in a time span of 4 months which is unbelievable under normal circumstances. She has famously declared “love your body and feed your soul properly”. Bhumi looks extremely fit and appealing now and we can’t help but appreciate her weight-loss success story. She will be a part of the Karan Johar directed big budget movie- Takht.

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5. Kareena Kapoor Khan: Kareena Kapoor is a solid example of a Bollywood actress who turned from fat to fit after joining Bollywood. In her childhood years, Kareena was an extremely cute, fair, chubby kid with baby soft skin. And she has been pretty much chubby during those teenage years as well. We can’t say she had extreme weight issues but her figure couldn’t be termed as fit. Over the years, she has done various experiments with her looks and figure. In one movie, she appeared toned while in some other movie, she looked quite healthy. She put a stop to these sudden fluctuations with the beginning of size-zero figure in Bollywood. She had to lose about 28 kilos to get the perfect look for the film “Tashan”.Her ultra slim and super sexy body puts the entire screen on fire. The sharp facial features and visible cheekbones can make any woman green with envy. Her post pregnancy weight gain became a matter of scrutiny in the media but the way she has got back to her previous shrinking self is remarkable. This Kapoor girl surely knows how to give fitness goals to her followers and her gym looks further serve as a motivation to all girls who want to lose weight and look fit like her.

6. Zarine Khan: This look-alike of Katrina Kaif faced extreme criticism from the media for her larger than frame screen presence. Zarine was massively overweight during her teenage years and if you search for pictures from her pre-Bollywood days, you would ample proof of that. But this actress worked extremely hard and managed to lose all the extra pounds to make herself worthy of onscreen roles. She took on from 100 kg and is now 55 kg. She was widely slammed by the critics for her huge weight issues despite having good acting skills. Do you remember Zarine’s sensual looks from the Movie “Hate Story 3”? She has curves at all the right places. She is also a great inspiration for all those who are fitness freaks and look forward to lose some weight. She takes yoga and swimming sessions very seriously to maintain her toned physique.

7. Parineeti Chopra: It is not unknown to us that Parineeti Chopra is currently rocking her figure that she achieved after the massive weight loss journey. Being the cousin of Priyanka Chopra, she had immense pressure to prove herself in the industry. With her cute looks and gorgeous appeal, she mesmerized millions of people in India. Currently, the heartthrob for being her gorgeous self, Parineeti didn’t look like this before. Even when she joined the industry, she was labelled fat due to extra pounds that she had gained. She looked extremely fat and chubby. We can’t deny the fact that she is from a Punjabi household and they are the biggest foodies of the country. However, her intense dedication, determination and hard work paid off great results. She is known to work extremely hard on her fitness, thereby managing to shed off the extra pounds from her body. She is an inspiration to all those who want to be fit and fine.

8. Adnan Sami: He is the famous singer who originally hails from Pakistan. Adnan had to rely on a custom-made when chair because of his serious weight issues. He used to weigh about 206 kilos. All of a sudden, he shocked the world with his sudden weight loss in just one year. He lost about 130 kilos to get the svelte figure that he is now.

9. Sara Ali Khan: This new star kid in the Bollywood brigade has stolen millions of hearts because of her sharp fashion sense, her bubbly and friendly nature, and easy-going nature. Recently, on “Koffee with Karan,” a video of hers emerged where she was her heaviest at 96 kilos when she was in America. Sara Ali Khan also refrained from wearing revealing clothes and stuck to ethnic dresses like salwar kameez before her Bollywood debut. And look at her today! With consistent workout and strict diet control, she has achieved an enviable figure. Her face looks slimmer now and even the facial features look more defined. She can easily rock short dresses after this massive transformation. Her mother, Amrita Singh, couldn’t recognize her after her weight loss transformation. It was really inspiring to know that she made up her mind from switching to proteins from pizza to salads from chocolates to get those extra pounds down. We wonder if she received style and fitness tips from her step-mom Kareena Kapoor Khan.

10. Alia Bhatt: The youngest daughter of Mahesh Bhatt is not only the youngest and most popular star of Bollywood but she truly deserves all the success she has achieved. Over the years, Alia has shown drastic changes not only in her acting skills but also in the way she looks now. She started her career in Bollywood with Karan Johar directed ‘Student of the year’. The way she looks now differs massively from her pre-Bollywood days. She has lost all the extra puppy fat with her strict diet and workout routine. She is extremely fit, appealing and beautiful today. Her facial features look extremely sharp. Alia managed to reduce about 16 kilos before she made her first appearance onscreen. Following the success of her first film, she became more popular and eventually her mission to look more gorgeous gained momentum. Today’s Alia Bhatt and the yester year’s chubby Alia Bhatt has a sea difference. No wonder, she is currently one of the highest paid actresses in the industry.

11. Richa Chaddha: Despite her pretty looks and a stunning personality, Richa Chaddha has been targeted for her over-weight quite often. She once revealed that eating disorder are the best kept secrets in B-town. She had to receive a lot of body shaming from critics due to her weight issues but Richa was not the one who would keep mum. She gave a befitting reply to the criticisms by losing all the extra puppy fat. Richa looks really adorable in her current avatar! Way to go girl.


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