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The Bollywood film industry formerly known as the Bombay Cinema is one great platform to showcase one’s talent and passion for acting. We get to see so many consummate and brilliant artists every single year. While some of them are already established and continue to inspire and amaze us, there are many actors and actresses whose talent and capabilities are not that well appreciated by the industry as they should.

Despite their proficiency, they still do not get the roles and screen time they actually deserve. And this honestly is very sad because they really are the true gems who have made whatever films they have worked in huge success because of their gem self.

Today we will be looking some of the actors and actresses who deserve a lot more but sadly were completely wasted by the so-called Bollywood industry who seems to fulfill everyone’s dreams.

1. Rajshri Deshpande

Indian actress and activist Rajshri Deshpande has done some marvelous works be it in the Sexy Durga, Sacred Games, or Angry Indian Goddesses but perhaps still the industry does not see much of her potential that she actually possesses.

We are saying so because of the fact that her role in a phenomenally beautiful film named The Sky is pink as Anita Tandon deserved more screen time. Sure her role was a cameo one but it still could’ve been designed in a better manner by the producers.

Rajshri Deshpande Sacred games

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2. Kay Kay Menon

If they talk is about actors who are completely wasted by the Bollywood industry how can one not mention Kay Kay Menon? Krishna Kumar Menon is one of those actors who are way too good and still is underrated. He has blessed us with some amazing works with his flawless dialogue delivery and versatile acting skills, but he still deserves a lot more than a mere villainous role.

Kay Kay Menon
Kaykay Menon/Instagram

3. Pavan Malhotra

A versatile actor like Pavan Malhotra undoubtedly deserves a lot from this universe of films that he sadly hasn’t really got. His pioneering works like Bagh Bahadur and Salim Langde Pe Mat Ro are proofs enough to tell how talented he really is. But after that, he hasn’t really got lead role works.

Pavan Malhotra

4. Sharman Joshi

The fact that Sharman Joshi’s notable performances go way back to about 10-12 years ago is proof itself that how much the industry has neglected him over all these years. He did an impeccable performance in the first part of the Golmaal series but due to some internal issues with the franchise, he was further removed from the upcoming Golmaal parts. It somehow made his career go to a very low point.

Sharman Joshi
Sharman Joshi/Instagram

5. Sushant Singh Rajput

One of those beautiful actors who did not run for the masala Bollywood films but always chose to work for movies that had depth and meaning Sushant’s caliber still somehow wasn’t truly utilized by the industry. He could’ve done far more than what he did.

Nevertheless, he still had always done justice to whatever roles he has portrayed. RIP to this angel.

About Sushant Singh Rajput
Sushant Singh Rajput/Instagram

6. Ayesha Raza

It is truly saddening how such marvelous actors are not given enough attention by all of us and of course the industry. Ayesha Raza is one of those actors who have always given a nail-biting performance in whatever role she has been cast in but she still somehow does not have the roles and recognition that she actually deserves.

Ayesha Raza

7. Om Puri

To say that Om Puri also has been not given the recognition that he actually deserved would not be so wrong. He sure had lead roles in films like Ardh Satya but most of his other rather works of recent parts were of a side comical character. The talent that he possessed was not utilized which is sad. He deserved more in every sense. But nevertheless, his impactful and touching acting skills live in our hearts.


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8. Urmila Matondkar

Known for her appearance in various Hindi films along with many works of Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Marathi cinemas this brilliant actress serious had it all. But somehow the works and roles that she has always portrayed do not exhibit her capabilities the way they should do. Another star performer who somehow has been wasted by the industry.

Urmila Matondkar
Urmila Matondkar/Instagram

9. R. Madhavan

Thankfully if not entirely in the Hindi film industry R. Madhavan’s talent is appreciated in the Tamil one. His acting skill is at a level that is sure praiseworthy. While he has worked in an impeccable Hindi film of Rajkumar Hirani named 3 Idiots his major works come from the Tamil industry.

Know R Madhavan
R. Madhavan/Instagram

10. Dia Mirza

Indian model, actress, producer, and social worker Dia Mirza undoubtedly is one of that beautiful talented actresses whom the Bollywood industry hasn’t fully awarded with the admiration and acknowledgment that she truly deserves. While she sure is quite well known in the industry to say that the industry still hasn’t done full justice to her talent would not be so wrong.

Dia Mirza
Dia Mirza/Instagram

11. Sheeba Chaddha

The brilliant performer Sheeba Chaddha always mesmerizes us with her impactful performance that lasts within our hearts for a really long time. Be it her performance in films like Pagglait or web series like Mirzapur. But then there are a lot of films where her talent hasn’t been appreciated as it should’ve been in Shakuntala Devi. The filmmakers do not offer her more, which is sad.

underrated actors- Sheeba Chaddha

12. Adarsh Gourav

Adarsh Gourav is an Indian actor and also a singer who has worked in quite a few Hindi films. While he sure is young and is in his late twenties I still believe that it’s about time the Bollywood industry and the filmmakers start recognizing the sheer talent of this amazing folk who has worked in some marvelous series like Hostel Daze, The White Tiger, and others.

Adarsh Gourav
Adarsh Gourav/Instagram

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13. Genelia D’Souza

A perhaps not-so unpopular opinion but Genelia D’Souza was not used by the Bollywood industry enough for her talent. She who has appeared in various Telugu, Hindi, and Tamil films after her marriage has not been seen in any big-screen work. The fact that such a talent was not making use of is sure woeful.

Genelia D’Souza
Genelia Deshmukh/Instagram

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