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The media has long been considered the fourth pillar of democracy because of its unconditional service to the oppressed masses. It was a tool used to combat corruption and prejudice based on social status.

Our freedom fighters used the press to raise their voices a century ago to create a stir against British rule. However, as time passed, new forms of media emerged, and the media began to become commercialised as technology advanced. It has shifted from being the fourth pillar of democracy to the first pillar of corruption and inequity.

For the last two decades, Indian journalism has been on a downhill spiral, selling false information, praising excessive noise levels, and outright stating things that make no sense. The media has degraded the quality of India’s public discourse in recent years. The growth of the media has narrowed the public realm and promoted elitist and socially backward values. And it is all because of the hunger of TRP.

This TRP obsession is producing a severe and deadly credibility crisis. The worsening quality of Indian journalism can be evident in various ways, including the rise of TV debates and noisy newsrooms.

Names like Navika Kumar and Arnab Goswami have become synonymous with the abysmal quality of journalism that dominates Indian media. This new breed of journalists has spread its poison and given rise to terrible ignorance and brazen propaganda to make Joseph Goebbels pleased during the previous half-decade.

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Here is a list of the worst things said by Indian news anchors:

1. These ABP News reporters claim to be doing a ‘Post-Mortem’ on a dummy in a live telecast.

2. The reporter disguised up as a soldier and received a lot of attention.

3. When Navika Kumar asked Saif Ali Khan to bring Taimur on the screen, Saif was unable to do so since Taimur was busy doing the ‘potty’ at the moment.

4. This India Today’s reporter followed Deepika Padukone’s car and repeatedly saying “she was in the black car ahead.”

5. When demonetisation was going on in the country, Aajtak’s Sweta Singh discussed the GPS chip theory in the Rs 2000 notes on her live broadcast.

She went on to say that as a result, even if the Rs 2000 notes are hidden 120 feet down, they will be easily detected.

6. While reporting on Sridevi’s death, a journalist jumped into a bathtub.

7. While following Rhea Chakraborty in a car, this reporter from Republic TV yelled “Oh f**k m*darch*d” on live TV.

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8. When Navika Kumar asked a panellist to talk about Rhea Chakraborty instead of discussing India’s GDP, she also yelled at the panellist and said, “stop wasting the nation’s time.”

9. When Rahul Kanwal claimed to be deep in the forests of Bastar, Chhattisgarh, he claimed to be part of an anti-Naxal operation. It had all been a ruse.

10. When Arnab Goswami screamed in a live telecast, “Drugs do, Mujhe drugs do!” he became a famous meme material.

11. Rihanna was labelled as a “Congress Neta” by Republic TV after she tweeted about farmer protests.

12. Based on a fraudulent WhatsApp forward, Times Now anchors Rahul Shivshankar & Navika Kumar read out the names of 30 Chinese troops killed by the Indian Army.

13. After reportedly being assaulted by Congress workers, Arnab Goswami labelled Sonia Gandhi ” the greatest coward in this country.”

He also called Sonia Gandhi by her real name, “Antonio Maino,” to assert her Italian identity.

14. When Navika Kumar asked Olympic Gold Medalist Neeraj Chopra if he had a girlfriend, the video labelled “Good News For Girls.”

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15. When Sudarshan News’ Suresh Chavhanke claimed the existence of UPSC Jihad, claiming that Indian Muslims were plotting to infiltrate the civil service.

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